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Aug 4, 2010 12:38 PM

London farmers' markets: Covent Garden or Western Fair?

I'll be in London next weekend and would like to check out one of the Saturday farmers' markets. Covent Garden is handier to where I'll be staying, but maybe Western Fair is worth the visit? The Web sites don't provide enough info about vendors to help me make my choice.

If there's anyone familiar with these markets, I'd welcome your input. I'm particularly interested in finding good southern Ontario fruit & veg.


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  1. I know it's probably too late for your visit. Personally my favorite market is the Trails End market on Dundas St east.

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      It's never too late. I visit London regularly (family's there) so I will check out Trails End next time!

    2. Both Covent Garden and Western Fair are good but expensive - a little chi-chi, selling small portions of (usually) high quality, ripe produce. Trail's End is where you get bushel sized quantities, although most of the central stalls in the long, L-shaped covered shed are owned by one company - go for the independent farmers near the base of the "L" and along the short leg of it. The fish store inside the main building, as well as most of the butchers, are pretty good, and this area also has a good cheese shop that's quite reasonable.
      One of the pluses of Covent Garden is the range of foodie stalls, including excellent bureks made right before your eyes. These stalls are all inside the building.