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Aug 4, 2010 12:37 PM

Greenwich, CT (and area) Restaurant Suggestions

Looking for restaurant suggestions in Greenwich area. It will be a meeting point for me and two/three friends so a variety would be nice. Enjoy all types of food - doesn't have to be high end or expensive (which might be hard given the area) but places that offers good, delicious food. Can go as far up as New Canaan, and Darien.

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  1. Barcelona in Stamford is pretty good. Spanish/tapas/wine. Won't break the bank. I like to sit at the bar. A little north on the price chain is Napa & Co. in Stamford. I like Napa, it's at its best when you show up for a weekly wine-theme dinner (very cost-effective, check the website). Reservations are a good idea.

    In the Greenwich area, I trend toward Tarry Lodge in Port Chester. Grab a table in the bar area, share cured meats, pizzas and pastas with your friends. The wine list is pretty good. It's a Mario Batali/Joe Bastianich restaurant.

    Over the Darien line into South Norwalk is a little waterside community called Rowayton. I'm pretty fond of Rowayton Seafood Restaurant. It's not cheap but then nothing is in Rowayton. Nice water views of the Five Mile River that stretch out to Long Island Sound. It's pretty casual. I show up soaking wet in my foul weather gear and get a better table than most. Seems they have a warm spot for common folk over Masters of the Universe.

    Rowayton Seafood
    87 Rowayton Ave, Rowayton, CT 06853

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      Steve's got some good recommendations there. If you like India, I really think Tawa is the best in the area - nice, a little upscale, and authentic. It's on Summer Street on Stamford. Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich isn't a bad bet for inexpensive, good (for the burbs) Thai food, though it's not near the downtown area.

      Little Thai Kitchen
      21 St Roch Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

      211 Summer Street, Stamford, CT 06901

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        I strongly agree with Steve's and Adam's recommendations. Would also add Eos in Stamford. Great little Greek restaurant. Atmosphere is "upscale", but prices are reasonable and food is excellent. Limited wine menu, however.

        If you're interested in Italian cuisine, my Stamford recommendations would be Emme of Capri and Columbus Park.

        1. re: gillyweed

          I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I know almost nothing about Greek food. What would you recommend getting/ordering from Eos?

          1. re: adamclyde

            Nothing to be ashamed of - there aren't a lot of options for it around here.

            I can never manage to pull myself away from the "meze" section of the menu, so my meals are more like what you would get at Barcelona - I always end up with a few small plates instead of just one large entree. Typical order for me: 3 dip combination with the spicy feta dip (tyrokafteri), hummus and roasted eggplant (melitzanosalata), keftedes (lamb meatballs served with tzatziki), and spanokopita. Both the keftedes and the spanakopita at Eos are the best I've had. The keftedes are moist and perfectly seasoned. The spanakopita is incredibly light (I've had some bad, greasy versions at Greek diners before) and delicious. Other mezes I've enjoyed are the giant butter beans, grilled octopus and moussaka. The only ones I've had that I didn't enjoy was the citrus sausage - it was just a flavor combination that didn't work for me - and the flaming cheese. It's an entertaining presentation, but I just didn't like the actual taste of the cheese (and I'm generally cheese-obsessed!).

            My husband tends more towards the grilled salmon or lamb as an entree. All entrees come with a couple sides, and we usually get the braised green beans (so good!) and the thick cut seasoned fries.

            They also have excellent salads - I'm not sure if they have their own garden where they get their tomatoes from, but they always have the best tomatoes.

            I don't know much about greek food beyond what I've had at Eos. My previous experience was pretty much limited to greek-run diners. In general, I find the food at Eos to be light, but flavorful, and excellent quality. We've taken a lot of friends there (it's something different than the typical italian or steakhouse) and everyone always enjoys it.

      2. Thanks all...heading down again this week and plan to go to Napa.