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Aug 4, 2010 12:37 PM

Layover in Zurich. Suggestions needed!!

Hey all

I have a 6 hour layover in Zurich as I make way to Barcelona and am looking for some casual eateries I can eat at while there.

I will be there at the end of August, if there are any time specific events that you know about.

Considering that I will there in early hours of the day, a lunch/brunch/cafe type place would be helpful.

Budget-wise I am not looking for anything exuberant or high-end. Simple everyday sort of places will do just fine.


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  1. Ok given the less than enthusiastic response, I'll post a place that did pop up when I searched online.

    1. Grand Cafe Odeon: established in 1911 and attended by famous people of history (Einstein apparently!). Seems like a contender.


    hello anyone there...bueler?


    1. Odeon is a good choice - casual and right at a good corner for people watching. Food isn't too bad either. Another idea would be Cafe Motta (fka Gran Cafe) on the Limmatquai/Limmat River that offers a light selection of food and good coffee. If you want to stay close to the HB (main train station), then perhaps Cafe Balthazar, which is only about 1/2 block from the main entrance. If it's a nice day, they have a big outdoor area that looks on the Bahnhofstrasse where people are always coming and going. Enjoy!

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      1. So the inital Zurich leg is over. I had a layover that allowed me to roam around upto 2pm, but nature conspired and it was raining all the way. Not until around 2.30 pm did it clear up properly. Adding to the situation was the realization that I could not pronounce the names correctly and hence wound up wandering around some very nice, but often unkown parts of town.
        For an extended brunch that stretched from around 11am to 2pm, I started with the Confisserie Sprungli (not the one opposite Globus). There I picked up a couple of truffles (cappucinno and a passion fruit square). These I took to Bar Italiano (next to Hiltl) where I had what everyone else was having on this rainy day...a kaffee. I prounce it the 2nd time I have had an espresso based drink go down so smoothly.
        Having lunch on my mind and no inclination to figure out where Grand cafe odeon was, I headed into the Famed HILTL buffet. This is(/was) the very first of its kind, a vegan vegetarian place. I opted for the buffet by the pound lunch and tried a bit of everything. The options were an even split between indian and asian dishes, the flavours were all there and enough.

        Overall, Zurich operates exactly like Midtown manhattan, i.e. @12.30pm the downtown eateries were empty and were packed within 10 mins. They were dispersing as i was leaving @ 2.30pm