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2010 is a Great Year for Peaches at the Union Square Farmers Market

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Terhune leads the pack in the hits vs so so's ratio. Really sweet, lots of juice, and, for most USA, good rich flavor. Several other sellers had peaches that, at their best were as good but also had a higher % of losers. At any of your favorite sellers do not be afraid of the small size of the fruit. Bag a lot of them
Lucky of us this year has been kind to white peaches which seem to have ripened even when they are a bit hard. The Whites are more consistent seller to seller. Perfumed fruit and the makings of fragrant memories. And Yes it is hot out there once again.
Has anyone found a way to get sot fleshed fruit home without turning half of them on jam?

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  1. Where is Terhune located? I bought white peaches last week and was sorely disappointed...not particularly sweet or flavorful...

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      Southwest corner of the park. Wednesdays and Saturdays only.


    2. Yes, peaches are great this summer! There are so many summers where you never find a perfect peach all summer long - this summer is certainly making up for all those times. Been eating pounds and pounds of peaches. Been finding great strawberries too.

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        Today ma pĂȘche action moved to the center west of the market where the English girls are selling beauties. Terhune upped their price and there peaches were on the hard side.
        Gurud, fresh peaches seem never to be in the same place from week to week. As some one who blows a bunch on soft fleshed fruit in season, I buy and eat a sample or two from four or five vendors before settling on my purchases. This is an expensive way to shop, but peaches are my Christmas bonus.

      2. I have found Terhune to be hit or miss with their peaches. This season I have had good luck with Sycamore Farm. Their main product is corn but they also have a small quantity of peaches.
        Also, Terhune is located in the NE corner of the park.

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          I've also found Terhune to be hit or miss, but it's good to know someone has had a consistently good experience. Even with one of the farmers assisting me, I got what turned out to be so-so peaches at Terhune (promises to the contrary notwithstanding). Last Saturday I tried what I think was Sycamore's peaches (is their stand adjacent to 17th St.?), and the peaches were excellent....not mealy, sweet, ripe.

        2. Not to mention that Tehune charges $5.00 a lb. The most expensive I believe at the greenmarket.

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              Terhune peaches were $3 per pound today at the Dag H. market near the UN. I have had issues with their peaches in the past, though:


          1. I am not sure why they would have different prices for the greenmarkets, but they were $5.00 at Union Square.

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              IIRC Terhune peaches were $5/lb at the beginning of the season, but they lowered their prices after.

              At 9am today in Union Square, at the Terhune stand, the yellow peaches are $2.80/lb and the white peaces are $3.50/lb.

              1. re: kathryn

                Right Kathryn, that is today's Terhune peach pricing. At the Saturday Union Square they were $5.00/lb and very few takers. When I breezed past the stall today I thought this price change was worth giving the white peaches a try. They easily hit the very good mark by me. How did you like yours?

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                  I didn't get a chance to try -- had my hands full with tomatoes, strawberries (4 pints!), basil, parsley, garlic!

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                    On the tomato note, there are great seconds to be had this year, brilliantly ripe and perfect for sauces.

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                    Update: Terhune peaches are $5 today at Union Square. As opposed to $3 three days ago at UN/Dag Wednesday market. They are, by far, the most expensive at the market today.

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                  Another vendor (at the East Village Tuesday Greenmarket) told me that they charge different prices depending on which market they are at on that day and that they charge more when they sell at Union Square.

                3. And how's this for defying conventional logic...the best peaches of the season that I've enjoyed, bar none, are the local jersey peaches sold at my local Gristede's, 26th bet. 8 & 9 Aves. They're everything you'd want....sweet, fragrant, not mealy. And less than $2 a lb.!

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                    Same here - and $0.99/lb at supermarkets here!

                    1. re: uwsister

                      I cannot disagree! Among the best I've had this summer were the giant peaches from the south that I bought at Fairway about two weeks ago--at most I paid $1.29 a pound!

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                        Absolutely. We've been buying and loving those Fairway peaches all summer long at $0.99 per pound, The only issue, in addition to the need to treat them with kid gloves to prevent bruising (but that's true of all peaches, I guess), is that once they are ripe the window for consumption is brief (also probably true for all peaches). But, all is not lost! The very / overripe peaches can be frozen (I peel and cut them into small pieces, and then store in a small plastic container) and used later to make a delicious smoothie.

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                      Not peaches, but I had the same experience with the New Jersey blueberries as an Associated Market. It was night and day improved from the mostly sour Blueberries I got at Union Square and much cheaper.

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                        ,,and Associated has had good peaches, too, for $.99! I really get peeved when I think of a $5 asking price for peaches. And then to turn around and lower the price a few days later at another Greenmarket.

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                          <<I really get peeved when I think of a $5 asking price for peaches. And then to turn around and lower the price a few days later at another Greenmarket.>>

                          This is apparently common practice. Who knew? I had a conversation with someone from Ronnybrook once about it. It was explained to me that "Union Square is a *destination* market". Whatever ...

                          I've been buying peaches from Kernan Farms (W97th St. market on Fridays). They are a NJ farm and the peaches are excellent. Can't recall the price exactly. High 2s I think. I've also purchased nectarines from Locust Grove (also W97) and they were just lovely too (and I made a nectarine salsa and canned it). (Locust Grove is from upstate.) I haven't tried the ones at Fairway. Whenever I've felt them, they always seem kinda hard. I'll have to give it a go.

                          1. re: LNG212

                            I guess it kind of makes sense because renting out a booth at Union Square is far more expensive than renting out a booth at other Greenmarkets. And Saturday at Union Square is more expensive than other days at Union Square.

                            1. re: kathryn

                              And it's what the market will bear, as when Victoria's Secret sent out catalogs with different prices. The higher-priced ones went to the fancier zip codes. They may still do this, for all I know.

                                1. re: gutsofsteel

                                  If only I had enough dollars for my votes to make a difference! The other day at Union Square, I wanted to buy one jalapeno pepper. The guy just gave it to me, because it would've been 12 cents or something. I like to think it all balances out, the $5/lb peaches vs. the free peppers.

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                              Speaking of Ronnybrook, I always find it strange that one can buy at least a few of their milk varieties less expensively in Whole Foods on 14th Street than at their stand in the Union Square market.

                              1. re: erica

                                They'll charge whatever they think the market will bear. As long as people are buying at the USGM for the prices they charge....they will charge those prices.

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                            Oh yes! Jersey blues - gotta love 'em. I think they're great almost every summer.

                            uwsgrazer, great idea about freezing overripe peaches. I should do that too. Could use them for smoothies, baking, etc. They never last that long around here though - I could easily eat a pound in one sitting! Good with some creme fraiche and brown sugar too, though plain is best.

                            This summer definitely has been a wonderful summer for peaches. There are summers where you never find that ONE perfect peach - I see I already talked about it above, but can't stress it enough! I want everyone to go out there and buy some peaches!

                            1. re: uwsister

                              You, and the others in this thread inspired me to buy some, at least. I usually get sidetracked with the plums.

                        2. The peaches at Union Sq. were expensIve on Saturday (Aug. 14), but really superb. I got mine from Terhune (juicy, sweet, complex in flavor, and very fragile -- almost worth $5/lb), and from Cheerful Cherry (their small ones were perfumed). This is sacrilege but they were better that day than ones I've had at farmers markets in California.