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Aug 4, 2010 11:34 AM

Distrito or El Vez?

My hubby and I are looking for a fun place to go for our anniversary dinner. We don't need fine dining, anything "romantic" or quiet, and preferably not a BYOB. We are thinking either Distrito or El Vez would be good options, I've only been to El Vez for lunch, and neither one has been to Distrito. Would love to hear some feedback, or other options??

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  1. Distrito offers a nice chef's tasting for $30 at lunch. Lots of food.

    1. Distrito. In my experience, El Vez only has a few items that are really good (and certainly nothing has ever struck me as memorable), and it may be me but my food is normally over salted there. On the other hand, El Vez's blood orange margaritas are delicious, so I go back despite the salty food.

      1. Drinks are better at El Vez but food is much, much better at Distrito. You will probably pay more to eat at Distrito because it is small plates, but it's worth it.

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          I guess I should've added in my post that I'm pregnant, so drinking is definitely NOT the priority here (Although my hubby would probably beg to differ!) LOL

        2. Distrito! Starr's new place, El Rey, is pretty good too, better than El Vez but not as good as Distrito. Get at least one of the ceviches.

          1. Thanks - is there anything we cannot miss at Distrito? How about the tasting menu, is that a good option for our first time?

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              Get at least one ceviche, the tortilla soup, the Los Hongos huarache, the carnitas tacos, the chicken tacos.

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                  I agree, Buckethead nailed my fave things there! I've also had both the cheaper and more expensive tasting menu at dinner and both were delicious.

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                The tamale is really good too. It is so moist it is almost like polenta.