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Aug 4, 2010 10:55 AM

dallas high end

so i'm looking for a high end meal in dallas (not ft. worth), basically the absolute best restaurant. some names i've picked up from skimming this board are Potager and York St. Price not an object, style not an object, i just want to see the finest dallas has to offer.

York St
6047 Lewis St, Dallas, TX 75206

Potager Cafe
315 S Mesquite St, Arlington, TX 76010

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  1. Hands down - tasting menu w wine pairing at Fearing's. Nothing else comes even close.

    1. York Street, Rosewood Mansion, French Room, Nana, Bijoux, Stephen Pyles and Fearings.

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      1. re: Dallas Alice

        ok, between fearing's and rosewood mansion, what would it be?

        1. re: IrnScrabbleChf52

          York Street. Actually, between the Mansion and Fearing's, I prefer the Mansion. But I know others would disagree. Tough call.

      2. We had a fantastic meal at Fearing's during the holidays. All in my sizable party enjoyed every single course.

        1. I like Cadot and Local myself.

          Potager is in Arlington and is not high-end.

          Cadot Restaurant
          18111 Preston Rd # 120, Dallas, TX 75252

          Potager Cafe
          315 S Mesquite St, Arlington, TX 76010

          1. You can't leave out Craft. Regardless of what you think about the Colicchio empire, the food is outstanding.

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            1. re: sike101

              I agree 100% with sike101 about Craft.

              1. re: bhoward

                i don't think i'm going to go to craft for a variety of reasons, including that i live in manhattan where colicchio has a pretty strong presence

                1. re: IrnScrabbleChf52

                  Understandable. In that case I would probably head to Fearing's.