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Aug 4, 2010 10:45 AM

Four NIghts in Paris for first timer looking for four restaurants for lunch and dinner first week in August

Hello all,

I have been searching this site for a week now trying to get some idea some restaurants for lunch and dinner for four days. I am completely overwhelmed! I leave in two days and dont have any reservations! Ahhhh!!! I am also very concerned that many restaurants will be closesd. I was thinking of Josephine and my hotel recommended these places (which could be tourist traps for all I know):
Le Jules Verne (on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower) :
• La Truffière :
• Ze Kitchen Gallery :
• Le Ciel de Paris :

We would like cafes/bistros for lunch, one gastronomic experience for dinner and the rest brasseries or bistros for dinner. We are staying in St. Germain area and was thinking of going to this area and Marias for dinner...possible latin quarter as well.

I REALLY appreciate any posts to help me out as I need to get packing!!!

Merci Boucoup!


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  1. Ok...did a little more resrarch and found that Le Jules and Le Ciel sounds like trourist traps! I thought of some better criteria for our restaurant choices. I would rather have a bistro than a gourmet restuarant, and prefer cozy dark and romantic over belle-epoque. Thanks so much for your help!

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      I happen to like the Jules Verne. Agree it is obviously popular with tourists (French or else, mostly well behaved) but certainly not a trap... You pay the fair price for what you get, including not queuing or paying to get up as they have a private lift. Lunch is cheaper!
      ZKF would not be on my list for a first time visit in Paris, the cuisine is fusion.
      Ciel de Paris is a tourist trap... and I have never been to La Truffiere so cannot comment.

      Don't miss a "petit blanc" (white rhum cocktail) at La Rhumerie on Bd. St . Germain.

    2. Go to Seraphin. Local restaurant in the Saint Sulpice area. 5 Rue Mabillon. One of the best restaurants in Paris I have eaten in, and I have enjoyed many.

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        Thanks for all of your advice. That drink sounds wonderful too!

      2. Was at La Truffiere just off Rue Mouffetard in the 5th Arrondisement last Fall. Was a well constructed meal if somewhat pricey. Where it shined was in the matching wine tasting. Was there with three wholesalers and importers of french wine and the assortment they brought us blew us away. Very esoteric and wonderful. Go to Chez Denise and Le Quincy also, both long standards.