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Aug 4, 2010 09:34 AM

my August paris trip: any suggestions , where to go for world/foreign food? do you know AGAPES?

I will be in paris for a few days the next 2 weekends and I am trying to plan ahead..
It is August and most of our days in Paris are sundays and mondays.. what a treat to plan!!
I am leaving my options open to your suggestions :)

Although I do have a question on whether anyone has comments on Silk and spice in the 2nd?

Editing as I am changing plans :)

First stop:

Thrusday 12th on arrival lunch near the hotel at
Au jardin

Thursday dinner:
not sure yet, trying to get La regalade st honore.. or L'agrume !
having trouble finding out what kind of food la regalade is. It looks a good value but I am usually not fond of traditional french cuisine (i am french). I like creative with a twist, good stuff that look and taste good.

friday 13th lunch:
citrus etoile or l'hotel or L'agrume if available (but isnt the menu better value at dinner?) (


second stop:
Saturday 21st arriving by train right around lunch, meeting a friend at the hotel (design sorbonne) planning to pick up very good sandwiches plus treats at pierre herme.. heard he was back to business on the 18th anyone can confirm?
does he do sandswiches too?
Can you advise of really good sandwiches around la sorbonne/luxembourg or around pierre herme?
(sandwich eating on our way to versaille for les grandes eaux musicales)

Dinner for my hubby bday at
BAM (bar a manger) or...

Sunday 22nd: lunch at chamarre montmatre
might stop at la patisserie des reves terrasse in the afternoon

Dinner at Laduree with friends or Silk and Spice, or something more fun and foreign.. I feel like we are going to overdose on french food..but still want to eat GOOD stuff! I am wary of asian food in paris. I feel like we have such good asian food in the US.

Monday lunch at Ze kitchen gallery, booked!!

and FYI for the other post about august, these are all open. But I did try other and none were open (la table d helene darroze, carre des feuillants, le chiberta,le quinzieme, MBC,Caius was fully booked, L'agape,ze ktichen gallerie closed next week, ...)

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  1. Re World/foreign - Ze Kitchen Galerie, Shan Gout, Gazzetta

    Re: l'Agape, your post got cut off, but I've found it and its bistrot nearby to be "too perfect" if you know what I mean. Some pix, (not as great as Soup's tho') are at

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Funny uou should mention Ze ktichen glalerie, I forgot that I am trying to get a reservation for dinner thrusday.. I have not heard back yet on that specific date but they are open from the 15th on.,

      1. re: John Talbott

        Second add, L'agape(with an accent, cant add it..) is closed, I am wondering if anyone knows AGAPES

        1. re: kirikara

          Yup (from Oct 2008):
          6.0 Pretty good under new management.
          Agapes, (not mind you Agapé in the 17th), 1, rue des Fosses St Marcel in the 5th,, closed Sunday dinner and Mondays (ergo, open Sunday lunch as it was when it was Equitable,) formulas and menus from 16-33 €, wines from 16.50 € up, is as good if not better than it was when Yves Mutin was “discovered” here by the New York Times a decade ago.

          1. re: John Talbott

            ok, that makes me want to put it back on the list!!
            FYI, l'agrume is closed all august
            la regalade st honore reopens the 16th..

      2. Patisserie des Reves does not reopen until Sept.1