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Aug 4, 2010 08:25 AM

Julia Child

Wondered if anyone other than myself tapes Julia Child's show. I do every day. I love to see the old version of how she used to cook, her antics, and her humor and stumbling. It's so new and fresh compared to how things are done on TV cooking shows these days. So many outtakes and do overs, while she is fresh and funny. If she makes a mistake or can't think of a phrase or word, she just stops to let it come to her the natural way.

Just finished watching her show from yesterday about Breakfast:
Home made English muffins and poached eggs.
She made a mess of trying to split her English muffins with an old fashioned wire hair pic, the remnants were everywhere, crumbs galore. Piling the sticky pastey dough into the buttered cat food tins was pretty funny cause she over filled and the dough went over the sides and in the pan out of the shaper. Plus she burned them on one day, I love it.

The other day I watched her make baguettes and that was hysterical watching the dry flour in her stand mixer go everywhere also < it just flew. Watching her try to form cigarettes from chocolate was another funny moment because she just couldn't quite get it.

I think what I'm trying to say is she's so enjoyable because she's just like you and me. In the kitchen she isn't perfect, who is? The cooking shows these days try to make you think they are perfect when we've already discussed how imperfect we view them.

I must rewind her show and get the ingredients for the English muffins so I can make them today. < Odd thing called for which I don't think I have: instant mashed potato flakes or powder, 2 T I think went in there which makes sense due to the slight tang a real English muffin has.
Also want to make a tuna casserole for dinner as I need those tuna tins [don't have a cat] for my molds for the muffins. In case you missed the show, you may want to find it and tivo if you can because she had so much trouble with the burners of the stove, she couldn't get them to work, couldn't see if they were on or not, and kept switching back and forth to this pan or that, hoping that one of them would work so she could show the various methods of making poached eggs. < Hers resulted in humorous disasters which I loved and appreciated. She is truly genius. I'll be doing her poached eggs [which she used the pricking method and dropping in boiling water for 10 seconds, she counted twice, priceless, as she did two batches] the swirl method too, which she called something else, like whirlpool, and the free form was priceless, ugliest egg ever. Try to catch this episode if you can.

Opinions of her and her show, cooking techniques and methods [if you have one] appreciated. My opinion of her is that there will never be another one as wonderfully delightful as Julia Child.

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  1. I miss her. I like her show called "Elegance with Eggs."
    Here is a link to the PBS Julia webpage:

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    1. re: Sensuous

      thank you for that. I used to watch all sorts of cooking shows from the UK but they've all gone away, pitty, loved them

      1. re: iL Divo

        My PBS channels from Washington, D.C. are of such low quality on DirectTV that they are not worth recording, only one of them is worth watching; so I have bought every Julia DVD there is on the market -- that goes for all seasons of America's Test Kitchen. So sad, particularly when I pay close to $90+/- for HD TV.

        I'm no longer interested in much on Food Network Channel, so the Cooking Channel has been a blessing for me. Even though the quality is not up to HD standards, the shows have been watchable and recordable.

        Thanks Cooking Channel for bring back some of the shows of the past.

      2. re: Sensuous

        oh Sensuous, thank you again for that.
        I watched with glee today.
        watched the entire thing.
        she is incredible.
        the way she did what I call scrambled eggs she calls omelet making.
        the show I'd watched probably 30 years ago with her making her scrambled eggs was perfection, who knew it'd be that easy. it only takes finesse.

      3. Oh, yes. I particularly love Baking with Julia and dvr'd episodes for over a year waiting for the two Martha Stewart episodes. Usually Julia disarms her guests with questions, but Martha Stewart is so well prepared that she anticipates all Julia's questions. Cooking television gold.

        1. It's been years since I've seen tuna cans with bottoms that can be removed with a can opener. Now they have either an indented rim or none at all.

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          1. re: greygarious

            I think there are other small cans out there other than tuna that will do the trick. I have some small cans of pineapple that are roughly the same size as tuna cans that have the same top and bottom that can be easily removed with a can opener.

            1. re: John E.

              The non-openable bottoms are so that cans can be stacked without toppling. I've noticed that imported products are less likely to have them than American-produced items. The trend is more an more toward the stackable cans, which are a trade-off, recycling-wise. The stack stability is nice, but I used to remove both can ends and flatten, with lids inside, to take up less room in the recycling bin.

            2. re: greygarious

              Hi GG........
              I found this today talking to my husband about trying to see if rings for such things as English muffins could be found. I've bid on one of them, we'll see.


              I like the addition of instant mashed potato flakes/buds in the mixture for the dough [on her show] because I do agree that there is a tart [on the back side of your tongue] taste that English muffins impart. I have a pkg of Cheddar Cheese/Garlic instant mashed potato flakes, anxious to try that flavor. here's a link for her English Muffin recipe:


            3. I watched her shows as a youngster and am thoroughly enjoying again them now. The difference in my perception is amazing. I always thought her shows were very instructional...almost to the point of intimidation.....with exotic ingredients and expensive kitchen tools. Now I see them for how she intended her shows; she wanted everyone to see that you could cook wonderful food for different occasions (lo cal buffet anyone???)without being classically trained.

              I like how she admits her shortcomings (forgot to sharpen knives (lo call buffet show), etc) and really enjoy how she always comments about "when you do it at home, you'll of course, do it much better than I!". She was never one to be all arrogant about herself and her knowledge. She wanted to share her love of food and it is so refreshing to see someone cook on TV like we cook at home! She finds the time to laugh at herself (which everyone should, BTW) and admits freely to mistakes. Honestly, she was just being herself on the show. These shows are treasures.

              There was one show on recently (pastry??) where she scooped her mess onto the floor with a comment similar to "just scoop your mess onto the magically self cleaning floor....because everyone has those at home", followed by a chortle. That was hysterical!

              Ever notice how her menus have some type of adult beverage? Sweet!

              1. I'm recording too and am really enjoying those old shows! I especially like how she always has alternatives for kitchen utensils or ingredients. I watched a Julia and Jacques (love the minor bickering) where they did souffles a couple weeks ago and made my first cheese souffle last Saturday-it was so good, I'm making it again this week.

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                1. re: BubblyOne

                  The strawberry soufflé of a couple of weeks ago looked good enough to not erase.
                  Thinking more about it though, I did erase. The pink went very brown, which was not really eye appealing.

                  1. re: iL Divo

                    This ep was the one where they did cheese (Julia used a collar, Jacques did not and she razzed him) and a scallop souffle.
                    I really enjoyed the english muffin one as well, although don't want to make the effort with those. Do post on how they turn out if you make them.

                    1. re: BubblyOne

                      well the poster that said they'd not seen a tuna can that has two removeable ends was correct. who knew, I hadn't noticed. I wonder if other cans are the same, meaning an indented "not come off able" part too? I know, I made that phrase up *)

                      haven't tried them yet, but will, just a matter of time and getting the molds.
                      first though I may try arepas from Colombia/Venezuela, brought back 6 with me this morning to dine on with sheer joy during down time, can't wait to heat those little puppy's up