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Aug 4, 2010 06:47 AM

D Thai Kitchen in Thornwood

I've been to D Thai Kitchen a couple of times now and have really liked it. The food is good, fresh, and abundant, the prices are low, the service is friendly and professional. But it's empty--I worry that it will run into the same fate as the other restaurants in this odd location.

It's right in the middle of what could develop into a nice chowish stretch of Broadway, with Westchester Groceries for Indian at one end to El Zarape for Mexican at the other.

D Thai Kitchen
677 Commerce St, Thornwood, NY 10594

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  1. I stopped by for my first time today to pick up some lunch take-out. There were only 4 diners in there. The food was tasty (although I'll ask them to make it spicier next time), there is plenty of parking, and the front patio is a great place to sit when the weather is nice. Trying to convince my co-workers to join me there for lunch next time.

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    1. re: Robotron

      Great! If we all do that, this place may have a chance.

    2. Spa - you're right about the chowish stretch connecting all these great places. Love D Thai Kitchen. I really enjoy their "drunken" noodle dish and curries. And the family who runs it couldn't be nicer. Keep the word of mouth going and that parking lot will fill up in no time!

      D Thai Kitchen
      677 Commerce St, Thornwood, NY 10594

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      1. re: Sra. Swanky

        I had the drunken noodles there the other day, too. This was the first time I'd had this dish, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I certainly liked it!. Anyone know why it's called "drunken"?

        1. re: spa

          Drunken noodles is my favorite...I've heard a couple of theories about why it's named that. One is that it's a popular late night dish among people who have been out drinking at bars. Another is that it's supposed to help with a hangover. Who knows if either of those is the true reason! Its Thai name is pad kee mao. Yum!

      2. After reading the posts here, I stopped by for lunch. About a dozen people were there, so I think the word is getting out...

        I skipped the lunch menu and ordered the Papaya Salad and the Drunken Man Noodles with Chicken. Both were very good, although the noodles were not spicy enough to warrant the asterisk on the menu and the chili-lime dressing on the salad was more lime that chili. I don't like super spicy food, so it was fine by me, but others may want to ask them to increase the spiciness up a few notches. Also the portion for the papaya salad was very generous, so you could easily split it between 2 people.

        On another note, the D in D Thai Kitchen is short for the word "Dee" which in Thai means "good".

        D Thai Kitchen
        677 Commerce St, Thornwood, NY 10594

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        1. re: wagamamababy

          That's exactly the meal I had for dinner the other night, and I did split the papaya salad with my husband. Plenty of food. D!

            1. re: pabboy

              Great news!! Thanks for the link! :o)

          1. Anyone else having trouble with the website? I can't seem to bring the menu up. Keeping getting the page for "free birthday dinner." Filled it out, thinking I could then see the menu, but got an error message when submitted the b'day info.

            1. Tried D Thai for lunch yesterday... After reading the reviews, I couldn't wait any longer!

              Ordered from their lunch menu and tried basics just to get a feel for the place. Had Pad Thai with chicken and soup, and also ordered some chicken satay. Excellent all around. Requested the Tom Kha soup instead of the standard soup for a small additional cost. Was well worth it! Very tasty, large portion. The Pad Thai was very flavorful and fresh -- not too dry, not to mushy... just right. And the chicken satay was very flavorful and tender, served with peanut sauce and vinegar cucumber side. Service was exceptional and the owner even came out from the kitchen to check on diners during the meal. A few folks complained that they had a hard time finding the restaurant so hopefully they'll invest in some prominent signage or sandwich boards outside. They're on the west side of Commerce Street in the bottom/middle of a two-story building. They have seating with umbrellas outside and ample parking on the north side of the building.

              I'll certainly return and will spread the word. We need more of these types of restaurant gems in the area!

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              1. re: golightly01

                Finally tried the much-heralded D Thai this evening and I was disappointed. I ordered two dishes for takeout - the Drunken Man Noodles (with chicken) and the Eggplant Basil (with pork). I was really forward to this as I love Thai food and found the reviews here encouraging. Well, when I got home and opened my bag, I was a little annoyed by what I found. The two aluminum containers were about 1/3 full. I figured that might be OK, as long as the quality was as good as everyone said. Well, it wasn't. The "meat" in each dish was scarce and the pork was like shoe leather. These "spicy" dishes weren't spicy at all and they were not even as good as my local Chinese place which could've done a better job for 1/2 the price. Overall, a big letdown for $27. I won't be returning.

                1. re: golightly01

                  Had high hopes for D Thai because my wife and I are almost addicted to Thai food but usually travel to Manhattan´s west side or Queens for our fix. Westchester needs more Thai and at least one Vietnamese restaurant.
                  Soup that comes with the D Thai lunch was way too bland, almost tasteless. Spring rolls were fine. An order of roti canai would have been satisfying if it were not for the chef´s heavy hand with the sugar. The Pad Thai was also much too sweet! Our order of drunken noodles was out of balance. More than half the dish was chicken and onions with only a bit of noodles. Portions were somewhat small. I might return to give the restaurant one more try but on the whole this was a disappointing lunch.

                  1. re: budinado

                    Are there any Thai places in Westchester that give you decent soup with lunch?

                    1. re: MisterBill2

                      Yes. Tyrynda Thai in Sleepy Hollow has a nice soup (chicken wonton with vegetables) as part of its luncheon. Drunken noodles is also on the lunch menu and is very good. Soup and entree is $8.95.

                      1. re: budinado

                        Interesting.. I will have to try it! I know the people at Thai Golden in Carmel weren't even including a soup/salad with their lunch menu. I told them they were wrong but they told me they knew better. Last time I looked, I think they were giving a spring roll with lunch (of course, D Thai gives that AND soup/salad).