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Aug 4, 2010 06:23 AM

Dinner Party Suggestions

I'm inviting a few friends (somewhere btwn 6-8) over for a small dinner party before summer ends and we move back to school. We usually go out to eat, but I was thinking about trying to cook for everyone. I don't really know any dishes, and haven't cooked much, so I am looking for fun recipes for a dinner party that would be good for a group. We all eat pretty much everything. Most importantly I need semi-simple ideas, nothing too complex since I haven't much cooking experience. Thanks so much.

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  1. Pork loin is always easy and takes to flavors well. That's pork loin. Not pork tenderloin. It can be grilled or roasted depending on your set up and it tends to be rather cheap too. For extra flavor and a bit of extra moisture wrap it in bacon or pancetta and secure it with string. You can often find whole pork loin in vacuum packs at major grocery stores or you can ask the butchers behind the counter to cut you a specific size, assuming you go to a good grocery store.

    1. I think something like a Mediterranean nosh-fest would allow you to make as much or as little of your food as you want. Get some lamb sausage, good quality feta, pita, stuffed grape leaves, pickled peppadews, cucumbers, tomato slices, and olives, and lay it all out on platters (cook and slice the sausage at the last minute. You could purchase or make from scratch some hummus, baba ghanoush and tabbouleh. You can find lots of recipes for them online, and none are terribly hard to make - but if you're intimidated, purchased stuff is fine.

      1. I would go with a pasta dish with some seasonal veggies and maybe chicken or shrimp thrown in. Do you have access to a grill? You could always throw some sausage & peppers & onions on the grill & serve over penne.