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Aug 4, 2010 06:02 AM

Top 3 'whole in the wall' Mexican in PB

What is everybody's top 3 (if you have that many) cheap/small/quick Mexican places in Pacific Beach (can include Ocean Beach too if you'd like)?

Really looking for the basic street tacos, rolled tacos, etc.. quick snacks when one is out and about shopping or people watching. Or more importantly, walking home from the bars later in the evening.

We're staying on the beach near the pier but figure we'll be walking around plenty.


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  1. Taco Surf just up on Mission Blvd, easy walk.

    1. La Playa on Mission Blvd. (North Mission Beach), just south of The Catamaran Hotel, has excellent carnitas tacos, and their daily home-made soups are great as well. If the sopa is albondigas or pozole, don't pass it up.

      Bahia Don Bravo on the southeast corner of Grand Ave. and Bayard in PB has good fish tacos and lobster burritos.

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        I am a huge fan of the breakfast burrito at La Playa - eggs, rice, bean and cheese (+ whatever else you'd like). Also loved the shrimp tacos the couple of times I've had them.

        Don't miss potato tacos at Bahia Don Bravo - someone on CH got me onto these and I just can't resist them!

        Bahia Don Bravo
        5504 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

      2. I have been a fan of taco surf for since the 90s. I spent a lot of late night hours at Cotixan on Garnet (near Bubs/Plum Crazy)....i asked for - and received - bacon in my carnitas burrito at 1am a few times. Gotta respect that!

        1. I had a great california burrito at Taco Surf. a couple of my favorites while walking home from the bars are: Roberto's in between Grand and Hornblend on Ingraham. also the one on the corner of Garnet and Everts across from many drunk people stumbling around :)

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          1. 1. Definitely agree with La Playa where everything is dependably good including fish taco, carnitas taco, tamal, etc.

            2./3. Top for lengua is tied between El Rey Moro and Los Dos Pedros, both excellent with very different styles. El Rey Moro also has excellent tripitas taco and costillas y nopales (usually "off menu specials"). Los Dos has the best California burrito by far. With certain other selections at these - caveat emptor.

            4. Mi Casa (complete opposite from Su Casa in L.J.) for the best chorizo con huevos. Had the best mexican-style pancakes as well, but just took them off the menu. Tacos de buche excellent when they have them.

            5. Margo's for the best tacos al pastor, regular (e.g. shredded beef) hard-shell tacos, and flautas. Also the best aguas frescas / horchata, selections of Mexican coke, etc.

            The last two are a little far from the surf and a bit more half in the wall than whole in the wall. But still fast and relatively cheap.

            6. Bahia Don Bravo is also all-around very good , better than you expect after reading their own claim to be a American tourist restaurant on their menu. New panaderia selections next door as part of Lucky Donuts also very good.

            Time to make a Los Dos run...