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Aug 3, 2010 11:14 PM

Where to buy 3-4 feet long campfire Roasting Forks in L.A.?

The title says it all, my friends and I are going on an impromptu camping trip to yosemite this weekend, and there will undoubtedly be both S'Mores and hotdogs being roasted, we have roasting forks, but of the 12 inch variety that scorch one's fingers, and I'm fed up with short roasting forks. My mom has a nice set of 41 inch roasting forks that I love using, perfect for campfires, but I've never seen them in stores.

A quick glance at REI's and Surfas' websites suggest neither sells this essential item. Amazon has them for excellent prices, but too late to order them and have them delivered by thursday (leaving early friday). I'll be calling Adventure 16 tomorrow, and hopefully they'll have them.

But where else could I find these? I'd prefer stores more westside oriented, but I'd be willing to drive a bit to get some before the trip.

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  1. I'd say an old fashioned hardware store might have them or an appropriate stand in in the BBQ section. There are stores just for grill/bbq enthusiasts like BBQs Galore that might be helpful. Also, I suggest calling REI to ask. A few times I've found things in store that I couldn't find on the website. There's also A-16 which is another camping store.

    It is also worth it to try Sur La Table.

    1. In all seriousness, back when I was a camper, we'd snap off a green branch and use it to like a charm for both marshmallows and hot diggity dogs. ;)

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        We used to take metal coat hangers and straighten them out!

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          Very resourceful...and plenty long, too!

      2. i have found them in military surplus stores.

        1. I've seen them at REI. Not been to the Santa Monica store, though, so don't know what they have on hand.

          1. I bought them last summer at the camp store at Leo Carrillo. A good excuse to go to the beach and Neptune's Net?