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Aug 3, 2010 09:47 PM

Italian Near Daly City

I'm looking for any good Italian recommendations anywhere near Daly City, although I'm willing to travel either to the city or even San Mateo. I'm thinking maybe 30 per person excluding wine.

Thank you :)

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  1. Are you looking for old school "red gravy" type Italian, or something more contemporary? If you are looking for old school right down to the waiters there is Westlake Joe's in DC, or even better Bertolucci's in South City.

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      Bertolucci's is a good example of the old-school red sauce Italian-American place. Definitely a throwback restaurant. Harkens back to the red velvet, white table cloth places that used to be the fanciest places in town. Nothing there will blow you away, but it's fun. Imagine a cheesy lasagna, chicken parm, bowl of pasta, garlic bread, bottle of chianti, Frank Sinatra wannabe crooner entertaining the bar crowd, and a roomful of locals who have been going here for decades. They do a good job at keeping the tradition alive.

    2. I like Westlake Joe's but it is definitely more "Italian-American" than Italian. The Gold Mirror and Marcello's (both on Taraval in San Fran) might be worth a try.

      There is a place in Pacifica called Barolo that appears to be more genuinely Italian than the above. I have not been there myself.

      Barolo Restaurant
      404 San Pedro Ave, Pacifica, CA 94044