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Almond paste

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I have a giant box of fresh blueberries and a recipe I found calls for almond paste. Anyone know where I can find it in San Diego? Thanks!

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  1. I've purchased it at Whole Foods in the past - it's in the baking aisle.

    1. Your local mega-mart should have it in the baking isle, comes in a tube, warning it's not cheap.

      1. The only place I've found it reasonably priced is Lakeside Baking Supplies, but I think you have to buy 10lb. I usually use almond meal and sugar, since that is all it is made from. Almond meal is easy to find at one of the middle eastern/persian stores, eg balboa international market, sometimes at north park produce, and also henrys (much more expensive)

        1. henry's ... around $6 / 7 oz

          1. This was posted on The Fresh Loaf by dwcoleman a few days ago.

            There are two methods for almond paste that I know of. The recipe below is the quick and dirty one. The other is much longer and requires cooking sugar, etc.

            If you are making paste to keep for a long time, make sure you freeze it.

            Recipes - Bread - Almond Paste

            454g blanched almonds
            454g confectioners' sugar
            3 egg whites
            1 teaspoon almond extract

            Grind almonds in a blender. Thoroughly mix in sugar, beat egg whites slightly, then stir into the almond mixture.

            Add almond extract using hands to blend heavy mixture.

            end quote

            1. We sell it by the pound for a lot less than you can get it elsewhere, and can do limited walk-in. www.nybakers.com

              Stan Ginsberg

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                Stan also has specialty flours and supplies for home bakers. He's a great asset to the San Diego baking community, and I heartily recommend him.

              2. You can find it in vons and probably ralphs. It is in the baking section, sold in tubes.