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Aug 3, 2010 08:44 PM

Saucier recommendations

I am planning to buy a 1 qt saucier as a gift for my sister. I had planned to buy All-Clad stainless (I have it and quite like it) but then wondered if I should get something that has a pouring lip. How important do you think this is? Are there some other brands I should consider? I will say that right now the 1 qt A-C saucier is at a really great price ($60) although it has no lid. Still, if I am buying a gift, I want to make sure it's the best of its kind.

I would love your suggestions.

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  1. Well, All-Clad d5 cook line has pouring lips.

    Calphalon triply line also offers flared rims

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      But the line doesn't have a 1 qt saucier. 1.5 qt pot would be an interesting albeit very pricey alternative

    2. I have one of these; it's a nice size to make small quantities of sauces, micro-risottos (rice and quinoa), or for something somewhat more mundane like single servings of soup.

      Haven't had that much of a problem either with the handle or the lip, and am considering purchasing an additional one since it sucks to have to re-wash the same pot at each course in prep for the next sauce.

      Could be a nice gift but it depends on what you think your sister might wind up doing with it.

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      1. re: wattacetti

        wattacetti, so do you have the D5 line or a stainless saucier? I think there was a discussion a while back about someone calling A-C and they said there is no plan for a D5 saucier right now.

        There's a funny story behind the gift, (we are not allowed to buy toy gifts for my one and only nephew in the entire world because my sister's house is overrun by toys from other well-meaning the pot is a tongue-in-cheek gift for the dear child...), but long story short, it would probably be used for making oatmeal and cream of wheat for my 15-month old nephew, along with pakistani style tea (simmered on stove with milk) for my sister. This is why I'm wondering about the pouring rim.

        Of course a 1.5qt saucepan would work fine too (and they are on a special price right now) but the saucier shape is so much nicer for stirring cream of wheat, don't you think? Also, I am trying to convince the BIL that they should not cook in anodized aluminum for the young child, so I am hoping that a shiny new A-C pot will lure him into wanting to change his cookware!

        Okay, so I realize that the whole aluminum thing is a very polarized topic, so just looking for saucier suggestions, thanks!

        1. re: ajilani

          Anything under 3 qts is too limiting, IMO. You can make oatmeal and tea, but forget soup or stew. And you need a lid - of course if you have another pot with the same diameter lid, you're all set. I use my 4 qt saucier all the time and if I could have only one pot, that would be it.

          1. re: greygarious

            Any other brand suggestions? I know folks here often recommend LC triply and Demeyere. What about Lagostina or Mauviel? And which of these brand sauciers has a pouring lip?

            1. re: ajilani

              The ultimate saucier gift would be the Falk 1.5 qt "try me" piece.

          2. re: ajilani

            Stainless line. I purchased most of my stuff before D5 hit the market.

            Gregarious has also weighed in but as I said, it's great for small quantities. I do have a 3 qt saucier (with lid) which I also use quite often but that's too big if you want to make tea.

            Not particularly concerned with anodized aluminum; but that's another discussion.

        2. Bloomies had the A-C 3 qt. stainless saucier with pouring lip, helper handle and lid for about $87. It's a special piece and you can sometimes find it when they have their sales. I think 1 qt. is too limiting. BTW, Williams Sonoma has a 1.5 qt. Le Creuset saucepan in matte black with stainless lid for $39.99. Not sure if it had a pouring lip though. You can see it on their site, but it's cheaper in the store.

          1. ajilani: "I will say that right now the 1 qt A-C saucier is at a really great price ($60) although it has no lid. Still, if I am buying a gift, I want to make sure it's the best of its kind."

            If you want the best of its kind, then unfortunately, you will be paying about double the price for which you can get the All-Clad:
            Undoubtedly, the more expensive M'Cook is a better piece of equipment than the less expensive All-Clad, but the superiority is subtle. Does your sister have a subtle discernment to allow her to appreciate the difference?

            1. Check out Demeyere's conical saucepans:


              I have the small one and love it.. plan to get the biggest one next. It's not too heavy and does a bang up job on sauces, especially reductions... seems ideal for risotto too.