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Aug 3, 2010 07:57 PM

Cork/Limerick dinner recs?

My partner and I will be traveling to Ireland in late September and will spend 3 days in Cork. We plan to have two dinners there, and head to Limerick for the third one. I have done a lot of research and the places that appeal to me most in Cork are Greenes and Ivory Tower. Any opinions on these or is there something better that I am I missing?

In Limerick I am trying to decide between The Wild Geese and The Mustard Seed. The menu at Mustard Seed looks more interesting, but how does the food compare (we like unusual flavor combinations and innovative cooking)?

If any of these are likely to be serving game birds at this time that would be a plus.

Thanks very much for any help.

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  1. Looking at the menus and reviews at (the site I usually rely on for trips across the Irish Sea), I'd reckon that Wild Geese and Ivory Tower have the sort of listing that's likely to have game in the autumn.

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      Yes, the sample menu for Ivory Tower shows several game birds. I also get the impression that the chef is very serious and innovative. I think this one is a definite. I've looked at menupages for Wild Geese and Mustard Seed. Both get good user reviews. What is it about the Wild Geese that makes you think they will have more game?

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        "What is it about the Wild Geese that makes you think they will have more game?"

        Mention of the quail starter coupled with a fairly heavy emphasis on local provenance - says to me that they're likely to be seasonal, which in September, means game.

    2. In Limerick City I can recommend No. 1 Pery Square and The French Table. Cafe Paradiso and Les Gourmandise in Cork also regularly get good reviews.

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        I had read about Cafe Paradiso but dismissed it because it is vegetarian. I was not aware of Les Gourmandises, but have now looked at the menu and it looks more interesing than Greenes, so I think we will take you up on that suggestion. Thanks very much. For Limerick, the plan is to make it a day trip, probably on Sunday, ending with an early dinner before returning to Cork. Both the Wild Geese and Mustard Seed are in or near Adare, which is on the way back to Cork, so I was focusing on them. I hope someone who has been to these can comment.

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          Unfortunately, after further research I have found that several of these are closed on Sunday and Monday. We will be staying in Cork from Saturday through Monday, and my plan is to make a trip to Limerick on Sunday. Wild Geese is closed for Sunday dinner, so that leaves the Mustard Seed. For Saturday in Cork the choices are Ivory Tower or Les Gourmandises, a tough decision but I think we will go with Ivory Tower.
          Monday we will probably go to Greenes, unless someone comes up with a better suggestion. Has anyone been to Jacobs on the Mall(there are no reviews on Menupages)? The menu is an odd mix of Asian and modern Irish/European, the sort of thing that can be very good if done right or just odd if not so well thought out.