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Aug 3, 2010 07:26 PM

Unique/Gorgeous Wedding Venues in Toronto & Area?

Hi everyone,

My fiance and I have just started planning our wedding. We are lookiing for some specific venues. We both agree no typical banquet hall and are looking for sometihng quite different. We would like something on the water or something very different that most people haven't gone to. For example, we have looked in to the Paletta Mansion in Burlington but it only holds 85 guests for a sit down dinner, we are expecting about 150. We also like Palais Royale, but we aren't sure how the the food will be. Other venues we have in mind are One King West, the Berkley Church and The Carlu. Does anyone have any insight on weddings at Canoe? We are basically looking for GREAT top notch food and a place that willl WOW guests. If anyone has any suggestion at all, please send them over this way! Thank you

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  1. How about 'Eagles Nest Golf Club' north of the city?! Great food ( especially when comparing to venues like Eglington Grand or Palais Royale whose food, I can only describe as mediocre to lousy!! ). Restaurant of EN overlooking artificial lake/pond with live swans!! Gorgeous sun set views!
    Congradulations and Good Luck!!

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      Thanks for the Suggestion but we already have a friend and a family friend on his side who has had their wedding there! But gorgeous nontheless!!

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        Congrats :)
        I attended a wedding at the Palais last summer and I can say that, while "typical" (beef tenderloin or chicken - bride and groom weren't foodies but were very concerned with quality quality quality), the food was absolutely TOP SHELF. Fabulous venue, and she was just telling me recently (I'm planning for my own wedding at toronto botanical gardens) that she was really wowed by the service, attention to detail and how easy they were to work with. One of the best weddings I've ever been to!

      2. Why not contact Mark McEwan and see what he has to suggest. He probably knows all the great locations.

        1. Congratulations!

          Mr. Vuitton and I had our reception at the AGO, with about 170 people. This was pre renovation, but the food was excellent, the service seamless, and the room/venue fabulous! Their event planner helped us immensely. We found it no more expensive than a Toronto hotel ball room. Our guests still talk about our wedding :)

          The other suggestion I have is the ROM. Friends of ours had their reception there. It was also quite lovely, but also pre renovations. I am not a fan of C5, so I am not sure what to say about the food prospects.

          I was at a winter wedding at Hart House a few years ago -- also beautifully done with great food.

          In any event, I think those venues are worth checking out.

          1. Monica, two of the nicest weddings I've been to in Toronto were held at Graydon Hall Manor

            And at The Miller Lash House...

            Graydon Hall
            185 Graydon Hall Dr, Toronto, ON M3A, CA

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              I agree Graydon hall was a beautiful location and food was pretty good

              1. re: Wil

                Seconding Graydon Hall. My sister had her wedding there this past May and it was fantastic. The setting itself is gorgeous, even minus decorations and flowers, and perfect for photos -- both interior (all the rooms have different wallpapers) and exterior (except that you can see the tennis court). The terrace can seat 150 with a bit of a squeeze and they can put up a clear-roof tent with walls which open up, sheers, and chandeliers which light up. Plus, they can do 180 in the ballroom. At night, it is really lovely with the fountain.

                The food isn't GREAT, but it is good, especially for wedding food. I had a fish entree and it was perfectly cooked and moist. The sides for all the entrees were different. (Advice: do not order beef, FYI, as it can come out overcooked, especially for guests). The hors d'oevures were delicious and well-executed and the lunch buffet was roundly praised.

                The service is also good. The co-ordinator was tremendously professional, calm (important on the day), accommodating, and helpful. The waitstaff were all polite and professional and one was particularly observant and assembled lunch plates for them when they were too busy to eat and ferried water and snacks up to the bridal suite without anyone needing to ask her.

                Also, our guests were pretty impressed. They really liked the food, the setting, and the service and only a few found the food to be ok.

                Graydon Hall
                185 Graydon Hall Dr, Toronto, ON M3A, CA

                1. re: Wil

                  I went to a nice wedding at Graydon Hall - the food was okay, the venue was nice. It was in winter so I do not remember much about the grounds. Overall though it was not the most memorable or interesting wedding venue I have been to.

                  Graydon Hall
                  185 Graydon Hall Dr, Toronto, ON M3A, CA

              2. If you're interested in Burlington, you might consider Spencer's:

                They will accommodate your size, the view of the lake is amazing, and the food ought to be good... (I've always enjoyed it at the restaurant but have no experience with private events).