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Aug 19, 2005 04:00 PM

Koko's is gone, so is that horrible Chinese buffet

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So this afternoon I thought, "I haven't been to Koko's Middle Eastern Cuisine in a month of Sundays." I walked down to Woodman and Vanowen, and... OH NO! IT'S GONE!

The sign's gone, the tables are gone, everything's just gone.

So I walked back home, and went to go get in the car to go to BBQ Unlimited for some terrific Cantonese food and maybe a jin dui.

When I parked on Sherman Way, I noticed that the "New China Buffet" is gone and it's going to become "Cha Chaa", a new Thai/Chinese place. Given the calibre of the Thai restaurants on Sherman Way, they have their work cut out for them -- they can all do Thai Small Plates Deathmatch. I'll have to try it, of course -- but anything at all would be better than that buffet. It was so bad that even the friends from North Dakota who asked to go there [not that there's anything wrong with North Dakota, but it's not exactly a hotbed of authentic Chinese cuisine] couldn't deal with it.

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  1. KoKo's is gone?!?!?!

    Any good alternatives for Armenian in the area?

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    1. re: Noclue

      That I don't know... we'll have to investigate.

    2. Update from the armenian friend that Koko's moved, they didn't shut down.

      New Address is...

      Koko's Middle Eastern Restaurants
      16935 Vanowen St, Van Nuys, CA
      (818) 708-1877


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      1. re: Veggietales

        That's good news... sadly, I cannot walk to the 16900 block of Vanowen street (40 blocks in this heat? Not so much, no.)

      2. There was a not half bad Chinese restaurant in Minot that we used to order from when we went to see Mme Zoe's Mother but that was IT. The locals treated it like it was SPAGO.

        1. I've been to Cha Chaa quite a few times, and I always thought it was just okay until the last experience which has put me off forever. My mom picked up some takeout (shrimp cakes, paht thai, crab fried rice), and not only was each dish extra oily, my mom found a STAPLE in her mouth, which was mixed in with the noodles!!! Never going there again. She called the restaurant staff, who was happy to replace the noodle dish, but they didn't seem terribly concerned about the fact that a staple made its way into their food.

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            If that sort of thing continues, they'll be out faster than you can say "jackrabbit" -- there are too many excellent, cheap Thai cafes on Sherman Way for a mediocre one to survive long.

            I haven't had any such issues, but I don't eat there much... we typically walk up there, and usually stop at Krua.