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Aug 3, 2010 06:07 PM

Twisted Crepe? - Asheville

Has anyone been? I think it opened within the last couple of weeks. A post on Ashevegas says it's at 62 Haywood St across from the library. I haven't been by it yet or heard anything about it.

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  1. Asheville Crepe Report

    I ate at both Michel's new crepe locale next to Bouchon, and at Twisted Crepe in the last week. They are very different.

    Bouchon's crepe spot has a simple menu - we tried a ham and cheese, and one with mushrooms, onions, goat cheese, and duck confit. Both were very nice. The ham and cheese was less exciting but pleasing in a simple way. It is a little open terraced stone-paved alley with a booth-like kitchen structure at the top and about 5 tables looking out at the street. It's a fun Lexington Avenue experience to have lunch there. There is a dessert crepe menu but they do not yet have evening hours - Michel came by and said they are working on that.

    Twisted Crepe is in what used to be a clothing boutique and is finished very much in the style of a nice, simple sandwich shop. Very comfortable. The menu is very complicated and many of the crepes have one or two meats, a cheese, vegetables, and a sauce. It reads like a sub sandwich menu except it's all in crepes. To me this is a gimmicky idea rather than a good idea because the flavor and texture of the crepe itself is lost, but I could see it might appeal to some. Maybe good for those doing the low carb thing - at least in comparison with your usual bread-based sandwich. It really is the opposite of the simple Bouchon menu. For example on the dessert side there was something with raspberry, pineapple, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream (I'm not remembering this exactly right but you get the idea). I am not going to review or describe my specific dish because I think I ordered poorly with an item that involved making choices, and so it wouldn't be fair to opine based on that one experience.

    Am interested to hear others' experiences at these two places.

    62 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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    1. re: jorgeanchovy

      thanks so much for your detailed review! it was very helpful. I agree that simple can be best. I think trying both was a good idea and I think I will do the same thing. Was hoping Twisted Crepe might be a nicer atmosphere, but sounds pretty casual.

      1. re: Scirocco

        I had lunch at Twisted Crepe today with two other people. Most of the crepe fillings are similar (apart from the make-your-own option).

        The texture of the crepes was such that they were way too thick and really were much more like a flour tortilla than a French crepe.
        The atmosphere is not great.
        We all agreed that we would not return and really don't recommend the restaurant.

        1. re: garysanta

          Ya, I have to agree with you. Finally tried it a few weeks ago. My friend and I both thought the crepes were way too thick (they tasted good, but were just much too thick). the fillings are like sandwich fillings, not traditional crepes. They would make great wrap sandwiches, but kind of weird for crepes. We had dessert ones and they were actually pretty tasty, but not very traditional. Atmosphere was ok. sort of sandwich shop feel.

          We also went to the Bouchon crepe place (in the alley next to Bouchon) and his crepes were fantastic. Light as air, thin, and delicious (more traditional) fillings. Also had crepes at the Downtown After 5 (a woman runs that booth) and those were fantastic as well. Very light texture and delicious.

          62 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

          1. re: Scirocco

            hmmm....I wasn't impressed by the crepes at Bouchon. Maybe I'm picky, but shouldn't the crepe be made while you stand there? He just tossed a pre-made crepe on the...uh...crepe maker (there has to be a word for that) to warm it up. I thought the filling in my crepe was fine, but my husband thought the ham and cheese in his were of poor quality.

            Maybe I just don't like crepes...

            1. re: danna

              when we were there, he made them fresh on the crepe, thingy (I don't know the official name either)...griddle? mine was the goat cheese, mushroom and caramelized onion one and it was really good. my friend had one with shrimp in it and it was pretty good, but not as good as mine.

              the lady at Downtown After 5 also made hers while we waited (and watched). I can't remember everything that was in that one, but it was really good too. she put herbs into her crepe batter too, so that was different (and tasty).

              1. re: Scirocco

                well...i feel screwed. i was surprised when I saw him toss that pre-cooked thing on there, but I haven't eaten all THAT many crepes so I decided to withhold my displeasure thinking maybe it was acceptable.

                I do not have good luck at Bouchon. I think I should just accept that.

                1. re: danna

                  you probably move the chairs. ;)

                  1. re: danna

                    Just wanted to post an update on the Bouchon Street Food crepes...a friend and I went there yesterday and they have moved their location a little bit. You still go in that same alley, but go ALL the way back in where it opens up into a good sized courtyard. The new shop is back there - inside, although they said they will also be serving in the courtyard when it's warmer. I had the special ($7.50) - an Italian of sorts with proscuitto, (and some other Italian meats), cheeses, spinach and an garlic/white wine sauce. Excellent although a little salty from the proscuitto. My friend had the "Nova" which is smoked salmon and a chopped caper/sour cream/chive mixture ($7). We traded halves and I really liked that one too although would've preferred a little more of the sauce inside (I'm a sauce girl). But, really enjoyed both. And they were big enough that I was FULL after eating them. And yes, they were cooked right there when we ordered, so no idea why yours were "warmed up", danna. weird.

                    They are doing a wine dinner on the 8th I think - only $25 for four courses. A bargain I would imagine depending on what's served. Can't go to that one, but am looking forward to whenever their next one might be.

                    The guy also said that in the warmer months they will be serving ice cream in the original street-front location of the alley. And it will be Ultimate ice cream. My favorite!!!