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Aug 3, 2010 06:00 PM

Different EVOO for different uses: Recos?

Over on the Food Media and News board, a long and often technical discussion on a recent study regarding misrepresentation in the olive oil biz both foreign and domestic, got me wondering.(See it here:
)Following what I have heard and read, I get different evoo's for different purposes. The high qualtiy, pricey one for salad and vegetable drizzling; a cheaaper one for some sauces and marinades; and a cheapest one for higher temp cooking.

I am wondering if this specializing is really worth it given that aforementioned controversy. Do others use a variety of oils, and if so what could be recommended for what uses?

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  1. It's worth it if you like olive oil! I like Frantoia for the good stuff.

    1. I use a bog standard olive oil (not extra virgin) for cooking: Supermarket own label extra virgin for most other occasions. And a Palestinian one for "special occasions".

      1. cheap and neutral for cooking (including marinades) , more expensive and expressive for "raw" uses (drizzles, ...); for salad dressings, depending on the "acid" that I use I will either go with one of the other.

        Quality is difficult to qualify, is more expensive better than a cheap one if it's really well made ? not always.

        Just get one that you like and try different ones from time to time.

        Can't recommend brands because I change country and brands every time I need a new bottle (for both cheap and expensive).