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Aug 3, 2010 05:24 PM

Have you been to Kouzzina?

For anyone who has eaten at Kouzzina--how is it? Is the food amazing, or just so-so? Any items not to be missed? Would you rank it among your top 15 restaurants in Orlando (inside AND outside the parks)? Any specific dishes that are not to be missed?

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  1. Never been but only 51% of people on Urbanspoon liked it, which doesn't necessarily meant it's bad, but also doesn't add to it's clout.

    1. I haven't been either but the two people I know who went on seperate occassions said it was just "okay" and for the price it made me not want to try it. I'd really like to hear if any chowhounder has been there and what they thought.

      1. We were there last spring, so I won't try to recall specific dishes, but the overall impression was just so-so. We generally agreed the food wasn't much superior from the spots prior incarnation as Spoodles. Not really worth a special trip unless you want to say you've been to Cat Cora's place.

        1. I thought the food was good, but I don't know if it was good enough to merit those prices. There are definitely places in the parks that are better and more worth your time/money.

          1. I went once, not particularly good food. Average service. Flying Fish right next door is serving some great food these days.

            Flying Fish
            228 NE 1st Ave, High Springs, FL 32643

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              I have to say that this is what I've heard everyone say and this is why I haven't been. I'm not ready to suffer the disappointment.

              1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                Flying Fish is definitely better. I went to both fairly recently and preferred FF by far.

                Flying Fish
                Disneys Boardwalk Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

                1. re: queencru

                  Another vote here for Flying Fish! With 2 small kids we don't get out much for fine dining so this one is always on my list when we get the chance. I can't speak to Kouzzina, just wanted to share my love for Flying Fish ;-)

                  Flying Fish
                  Disneys Boardwalk Resort, Orlando, FL 32830