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Aug 3, 2010 04:06 PM

Craigie or Oleana?

Please help me decide! I'm taking out my fiancee and her parents. I've been to both, so I know both are wonderful, but I just can't decide between the two. Please submit your vote! (This will be for late September, so dining on the patio at Oleana is an option if the weather is nice.)

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  1. Oleana.

    134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

    1. I would go to Oleana. Keep in mind that you can't make a reservation for the patio at Oleana. Those seats are first come, first served. This is generally not an issue if you are dining on the early side though.

      134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

      1. what would your future in-laws enjoy more? adventurous, casual eaters: Oleana. traditional, francophile meat lovers: Craigie

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          Agree with this assessment. You can't go wrong either way, though. Also, I've had a few great seafood-only meals at Craigie so it doesn't have to be just about the meat. If I had to vote, I'd pick whichever one you haven't been to most recently.

        2. My taste, Oleana...I like lots of small dishes with different tastes, I love the Sultan's delight beef mezze, but otherwise gravitate towards the interesting vegetables, seafood, and seasonings. Late Sept. is ultimate harvest time and the chef will have great stuff from her husband's farm. Also at least one beef option for a main.

          I've never been to Craigie, I'm not in to all the meat though I would like to try the burger.

          As others have said, if this is a special dinner for the future in laws, go with their tastes. Oleana can be a magical experience for those who like those seasonings and combinations. A totally red meat guy.....probably wouldn't work at all.

          If you get to Oleana early, you will get seated on the patio if you wish.

          134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

          1. I seem to be in the minority thinking Craigie...I've not had the vegetarian tasting at Oleanna which everyone favours (will try next time), but otherwise I thought the food interesting, tasty, but not all out superb. I think Craigie is all out superb.
            The attraction of the patio is important, however, I don't particularly like the ambience of Craigie...the food is the attraction there.