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Aug 3, 2010 02:40 PM

Blueberry Cheesecake Bars - yr best recipes pls!

I'm looking for a delicious cheesecake bar recipe. I am doing these for a wedding so they need to cut neatly and have good flavour. I willl use fresh blueberries and plan to bake them in the cheesecake (rather than making a blueberry topping) and I would like a relatively plain, nut free base, that won't shatter too much when I cut it! I will be making these ahead. It's for a wedding and I need to make a tester so I thought I'd come here. I need to make about 40 bars.

This recipe looks fairly typical (easy to alter flavours for blueberry):

but this one is gets rave reviews. Sounds a bit heavy to me with all that cream cheese, I would probably lighten it with an egg white or 2. I would like some height on these bars.

Shortbread or graham cracker base?
any tips gratefully received

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  1. Would you consider baking them in cupcake liners so you don't have to cut them? You can buy pretty wedding cupcake liners, and they'll be easier to transport.

    As cheesecake bars (and cheesecakes) go, they're pretty forgiving so if you add an extra egg white or two, it would still turn out. If you want a lighter cheesecake, you could beat the eggs first until light and then add the other ingredients. These threads might be helpful.

    1. The FN link makes an excellent, delicious lemon blueberry cheesecake and yes, for a lighter cake, separate the eggs, whip the egg whites and fold in. I know you wrote you need 40 pieces, but what size pieces?

      A shortbread crust will be less likely to shatter and a bit less messy to cut into bars, and to consume. Placing the bars into cupcake liners, as chowser suggests, is a great idea.

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        pieces will be smallish - there will be a selection of 4 different desserts on offer for this wedding so I want to keep portions small so people feel they can take more than one.

        I will have a think about the shortbread base. I think the lemon bars I make have a base which includes egg which in my head equals sturdy so maybe I will do a test using that.
        thanks for responding guys!

        1. re: kookiegoddess

          I went for the TF recipe in the end but added about 2 egg whites per recipe (I doubled it) to give it some height. I stuck with the biscuit base (it's baked so I figured it would hold up ok). You do get some bleeding from the blueberries but it is a lovely cheesecake, delicately flavoured and not too sweet. I would advise no more than 1/4 cup of lemon juice per recipe to allow it to have a good texture and not overpowering lemony taste. Thanks all.

          1. re: kookiegoddess

            Good to hear that it worked out well for you!

            1. re: kookiegoddess

              Which one is the TF recipe kookiegoddess?

              1. re: millygirl

                It's Tyler Florence FN link above. Good call on tossing the berries in flour first to prevent bleeding.

                1. re: millygirl

                  Doh! Thanks for the clarification. I just saw the allrecipes and didn't look further.

                2. re: kookiegoddess

                  toss the blueberries in flour before mixing in -- that will stop the color bleed.

            2. How about a savory cheesecake?

              Mollie Katzen's Savory Vegetable Cheesecake

              1. After reading this post, I've decided I've got to try the Tyler Florence recipe--but here's my question: there are only 2 of us and I'm trying to lose weight. Can I freeze these after giving them a taste? Or do I just wait for an occasion where I can share them?

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                1. re: Birmingham

                  Cheesecake is definitely freezeable but I just don't know how this recipe would do, having not done it, because we ate all of it pretty quickly. It'll probably be fine, but maybe make your neighbors happy and give them the remainder, so you won't be tempted to reach for the rest.

                  Blueberry season will be over soon, at least here, so make 'em while you can. Work on the diet later.

                    1. re: Birmingham

                      Hope I didn't twist your arm too hard. ;-) Enjoy!

                      1. re: Birmingham

                        Birmingham, please report back...I'm also *tempted* to make this...and can easily bring in to work what I refuse to keep eating...LOL! And that window will be closing on good blueberries in the market...

                        1. re: Val

                          Sorry it took so long to get back but I finally tried the ones I had frozen and they were fine. Much better than the ones we had kept out and ate on the 2nd or 3rd day (when they were all soggy). But I personally wasn't all that crazy about the recipe. I did the 2 lemons and found it a bit too tart--but more than that, I just felt the cheese layer was a bit on the thick side and would have preferred it a little thinner. That's probably because my mother used to make us blueberry cheesecake when we were kids that we were all crazy about--and the cheesecake part was on the thin side so that you tasted more blueberry and graham cracker with just enough cheesecake to hold it all together. I'm thinking I'll just get out her old recipe and try that next time (although I'm pretty sure she used pie filling, not fresh blueberries).

                          1. re: Birmingham

                            hey, thanks for the report back...I still have time to try it out, this month will probably be the last month for domestic fresh blues.

                  1. Nestle's butterscotch morsel cheesecake bars have a delicious and sturdy graham cracker/nut/butterscotch crust. I have subbed oatmeal for the nuts, added more filling for a thicker bar, and mixed fruit in.