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Aug 3, 2010 01:44 PM

Inopia (Barcelona) Closed

Albert Adria's Barcelona tapas bar, Inopia, apparently is closed as of July 31.

If my rudimentary Spanish and attempt to read between the lines is at all functional, it appears that it will be becoming Lolita Taperia, with some new concept of small bites. Can anyone say if I read this correctly that the new venture will be opening September 1?

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  1. Looks like Adrià got bought out by his partner and they're moving to a small bites concept. I'm glad I got to go before it closed, but I can't say I will miss the place. When we went, it felt like such a clubby scene. With the crowd split between the foodie tourists and the beautiful people. I reckon now, the idle and affluent will have the place all to themselves. No more having to brush elbows with the lifestyle-challenged.

    1. Here's an article in Spanish from El Periodico about the closing of Inopia and Albert Adrià's next project

      From what I can make out with my crappy Spanish. Lolita will be serving some classic Inopia dishes and will turn into a cocktail bar after 11:30pm.

      Albert Adrià will be opening a yet to be named bar with his brother Ferran and the owners of Rias de Galicia somewhere around Paral-lel in October. The focus will be on miniature food. There will be 4 distinct bars each serving a different type of finger food. In addition, there will be a fifth cocktail bar specializing in gin tonics.

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        Damn - we'll be there in September. Tough timing.

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          I heard from the doorman at Inopia (in late June) that the new Adria place will be near Metro Entenca. Too bad about Inopia. We loved it.

        2. Word in Barcelona is that the Adria brothers bailed out because they weren´t making any money. I never understood why Inopia only opened in the evenings, people queued to sit at the bar and people watch for as long as possible . Not sure about the new venture, it seems to me that his restaurants áren´t profitable to run.

          1. Without realizing it we managed to go for the final lunch on the 31st. It was a bit of an odd atmosphere, a lot of the people seemed to be friends and family of the staff and it was part party, part wake.

            A few pictures of the food from the meal