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New in White Plains: Westchester Burger Co

I see the sign is up for this new establishment on Westchester Ave former home of Finn McCools and the short-lived Hito Asian Bistro. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. owned by people from blu/e and graziellas i think.

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      I am so looking forward to Westchester Burger Co opening. How ever if it is owned by the same people as Blue and Graziella's I will be crushed as I will never give those eateries my business again. I went a few months back to Graziellas and the food potions were small even though they boast large servings. It took 7 minutes to be served water which was room temperature and the glasses were dirty. I ordered soup and was served the wrong soup when I called the waiter over to let him know there was a mistake he responded that they were out of the soup I ordered so he3 replaced it with tortalini soup. My husband's dinner was served 6 minutes before mine. His dinner was served cold. My dinner came with a side of pasta that was also cold.When I spoke to the waiter he said they were out of pasta and I should be glad I had pasta other people are waiting 20 minutes for theirs. Graziellas was a nightmare and when I told others about how my dinner went they laughed and said they heard similar stories. This summer Blue was quiet, not like in the past when it had gotten quite rowdy around 11:30. I haven't eaten at Blue because the menu doesn't appeal to me.
      I honestlyhopeWestchester Burger Co has a different owner.

      Graziella's Restaurant
      95 South Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601

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        It's the same owners as Blue and Graziellall's.

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          Sorry to hear that about Graziella's, I've always enjoyed that place in the past but sometimes when owners spread themselves to thin the older establishments have to pay, I hope this is not the case, I hope it was just a bad night.

          Graziella's Restaurant
          95 South Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601

      2. Passes by there today and the paper was still up on the windows...

        1. I always thought that location was catnip because it seemed parking would be quite difficult.

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              It's funny how when Finn's was open it was always packed and the food was awful (obviously the bar crowd didn't care), but the place was a major flop that moved in. I think it's tough because so few people seem to know the size of the parking lot in the back and they think you have to park at the Westchester an walk.

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                If the new owners are smart they will put up a sign that can be seen saying free parking in the back. Parking is a big issue in White Plains and a lot of people stay away because they don't to pay.

            2. I called their number today and they indicated they would be open on the 7th.

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                Drove by this evening and saw lights on and blackboard menus on the sidewalk - maybe they are doing a soft opening.

              2. I was by there tonight and the bar was open.

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                  not the kitchen? no food at all?

                2. I tried to go on Sunday night, but they where only serving a few tables at a time. They said they would be closing the kitchen around 9pm. I'll try and get there next week and I'll report back.

                  1. Ok I went to this disaster of an eating establishment last night with my 17 yr old son, his treat.
                    The place was pretty full but a few tables remained available. We waited 3 mins for a hostess to aknowledge us and the ppl behind us. After being seated it took 3 ppl to tell us our server would be with us soon including our server herself. 10 long mins later she took our order. We ordered everything at once so as not to have to wait again for her to return.

                    We were told that they had no entrees so 1/3 of the menu was not available at 7pm on a Monday night. Basically we are talking just sloppy joes and several versions of hot dogs, the place is not gourmet, but it never claimed to be either.

                    We ordered sodas they arrived after a very long time and I never saw so much ice in a soda so be advised to ask for little or no ice as they charge $3 for soda and refills are $1. The soda was flat, tiny bubbles appeared on the straw but what little carbonation there was, well it was lost on the trip thru the straw.

                    We ordered water and had to ask another waiter a half hr later for water, a little over 5 minutes he came, not our waitress, and served our water. The water by the way is poured into glasses for you at the table and the remainder is left in a carafe at the table. Good thing because if you wanted more water it would be a good 20 mins before you'd get it. The water comes with 2 lemon wedges. My son's water was probably cold as all the ice went into his glass and I was left with room tempature water. However it was refreshing. Still I would have liked to have been offered the lemon not just had it given to me. We asked for water not lemon water.

                    We both ordered the Balboa Burger . This burger has garlic french bread, 12 oz burger, grizzled onions, swiss cheese, and bacon. all for $16. I know OMG $16!!!! Well, I ordered lettuce and tomato on the side as it did not say it came with the balboa, my son had those on his burger and was served something the waitress refered to as frizzled lettuce which was better than that soggy green and purple excuse they put on my plate, but the waitress gladly gave me a small bowl of frizzle lettuce. Our burgers came with an orange goop on the top roll when I mentioned this to the waitress since she was there asking how things were going. She said it had rosemary and sourkrout, none of which i saw as it was orange and smooth.
                    I removed the goop. Our burgers were missing the onions and the bacon, not to mention were served on rolls not french bread and the garlic was missing as well.

                    We were famished from waiting so long my son downed his food afterall he is 17. He had finished his meal before I started mine. He asked for another soda and waited over 10 mins for our waitress to come back and say she forgot it and would be right back with it. but he had finished his meal already.

                    The burgers come with limp shoestring fries, mine were cold when they arrived at the table. They come sprinkled with dark specks I thought might be pepper but they had no pepper taste, go figure.

                    We ordered onion rings for $3 and it came out to be a large onion ring a medium one and a wanna be yes just three onion rings for $3. Oh they are incredible, honestly the best I have had ever. But at that price they can keep them.

                    Too many things went wrong with our meal and the place seems like a nice although very expensive family restaurant but would be considered a nice date place or older crowd place once they get their staff to move quicker. So I decided I would ask to speak to the owner to let her know how my time went there. She was not there, she does own Blue and Grazziella's so it was understandable why she was unavailable. A manager came over, The young man was not trained on how to listen properly as he just said ok over and over and when told about the flat soda he said the CO2 machine was new and did not work properly at times. In case you are reading this...That is not the patron's problem about the machine, don't charge your customers $3 for flat soda and $1 for refills. I told him about the sauce on my burger and the fact we were given a roll not french bread, oh guess what they had no french bread,well mention that just do not give any old burger instead of the one ordered. he had no excuse as to why we were missing garlic on the roll other than there was no french bread. He was sorry we did not get onions or bacon and offered to make me another burger as I had eaten very little of mine. No thanks I am not waiting another 40 minutes for a burger. He asked if anything else was wrong in a rather disinterested tone. He then started to walk away to which I stopped him and asked what he was going to do to make things right. He was lost for a moment and finally said he would look at our bill. The waitress returned and said he took off the charges for the drinks. Big deal ok nice gesture but honestly why charge for the soda at all. The stuff missing from our burgers the onions and bacon came to $2,98 each because if you added those it was $.99 for the onion and $1.99 for the bacon so since we were missing that why wasn't that too removed from the bill.

                    The place is very nicely set and decorated I enjoyed the brick walls and decor. There are several tvs on the walls but no sound and no closed captions please used closed captions. The music from the bar echoed into the dining area and while barely audible they did play some good music, my son had to strain to make out the songs playing so I know it was not my 43 yr old ears failing me.

                    On another note seeing as it is an older crowd place, due to the prices, no kid's menu, lose the tee shirts and wear more proper attire. It would be nice if they had a menu that had beverages listed but that is just a suggestion.

                    I really was looking forward to this place opening but it was such a disappointment. Soon Cheeburger -cheeburger will open on Mamaroneck Ave we shall see how that goes.

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                      My error it was horse radish not sourkraut in the orange sauce. Apologies for grammar and misspellings as I wrote with my emotions not basic english skills.

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                        Too bad. I was hoping that this would be a good place to get a great burger. Maybe they will work the kinks out. By the way, about the the "frizzle" lettuce... sounds like you were given "frisee" --curly, long, light green leaves. If that's the case, it sounds like the staff
                        hasn't been very well trained about what they're serving and/or how to pronounce it.

                      2. Wish I had read all these reviews when a friend wanted to go for lunch on Thursday. What a huge disappointment!!! The only thing that was good was the meat itself ... not the burger as a whole, because both mine and his as whole sandwiches, were sort of misbegotten. Mine was billed as a burger between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. Barely grilled, the bread was so thick there was no way to pick this up and eat it! My friend ordered something with mozzarella, pesto, and pancetta. There was no pancetta on it. He had to ask and then wait for it. Then he admitted that although he likes all those ingredients separately, they just didn't work together. Way overpriced for what you get ... $3.00 for each 10 oz drink ... $3.00 for 3 pieces of onion ring ... $14. - $16. for an 8 - 10 oz. burger with a small portion of truly awful, taste-free "fries." Aside from the fairly lousy food, this is essentially a slightly-nicer-than-average sports bar. At 2:00 in the afternoon, both the music and TV were on, loud! Not going again.

                        Westchester Burger Company
                        106 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

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                          Goodness only knows how long they think they shall remain open. Scarey, is the fact that Grazziella's has the same awful service and the food isn't even mediocre at best yet it continues on.

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                            Blue remains open also and I can't figure how they stay in business. same owner.

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                              Doesn't it seem that all the swful places stay open forever, but the good places always close down. Especially when it comes to Italian food and burger joints. Mediocrity seems to be very popular when it comes to most people's palettes.