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Aug 3, 2010 12:29 PM

Pick Your Own Peaches?

Hi everyone,
I've been trying to look for a place where I can pick my own peaches, preferably in the NOTL area. I've only found 1 farm so far, in Beamsville called Cherry Avenue Farms, but I wanted to bike around to some wineries before peach picking. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. FOUND these for YOU:

    Life's A Peach Farm - cherries, already-picked produce (of the pyo crop), farm market
    4435 Bartlett Rd, Beamsville, ON L0R1B1
    Open: Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm
    Payment: Cash, only.
    Click here for a map and directions:

    Peach Country Farm Market, Vineland

    Also here a list of several farms in that area to Pick-Your-Own everything:

    Hope the links help:):)

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      Thanks so much, that's so sweet of you :)
      Neither Peach Country Farm Market nor Life's A Peach let you pick your own, unfortunately (I called them)

      It seems like the only places are:
      1. Cherry Avenue Farms - Freestone picking starts this Friday!
      2. Nokara Farms - only if you buy at least $30 (a bushel)

      Thanks for the link! Here is another useful one for those who like picking their own fruits and veggies:

      I think that I'm going to go to Cherry Avenue's not NOTL, but I heard Jordan is a nice place to rent bikes and tour as well. I'll do some digging around Chow for some restaurant recs. If anyone has any experience biking around Jordan's wineries, please let me know if it was great!