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Aug 3, 2010 11:14 AM

Chow-worthy stops on the way to Rice Lake?

Hey CHers,

In a few weekends will be making the trek up to Rice Lake (from Toronto.) Will be driving up the 401 and then County Road 45 off Cobourg.

Is there anything noteworthy to check out while I'm up that way?

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    1. re: blue bike

      Rubbs, also in Campbellford.

      Slow cooked bbq and we love the chicken wings.

    2. The resident expert on the area is Kawarthagirl. You should look her up.

      Zest in Port Hope is lovely for dinner or lunch. Nice patio, good service, and free parking to go with! I've heard good things about Spice of Life in Cobourg, but haven't been yet. Avoid Oasis/Crabby Carol's Oyster Lounge. It's still coasting on an old reputation with no new ideas for years. Carol really is kinda crabby and a little arrogant I might add.

      I still like the Dutch Oven in downtown Cobourg for breakfast. If you want a down and dirty greasy spoon breakfast and are willing to veer off a little, Rhino's Roadhouse in Bewdley is definitely the spot.

      The Victoria Inn in Gore's Landing is a lovely little spot with decent food and wine. I'm not certain I would categorize it as chow-worthy, but I think you'd be missing out if you didn't give it a whirl. The patio overlooks Rice Lake and if you get a seat before sunset the display is heavenly.

      100 Mile Diner in Warkworth is a decent lunch spot.

      Oh and do drop in on Oak Heights Winery(!) just outside of Warkworth. Yes, there is one. Don't expect Niagara quality, but still it's a nice foodie diversion.

      Rhino's Roadhouse
      , Bewdley, ON K0K, CA

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      1. re: Googs

        If you would like to eat at the Victoria Inn it is worth calling in advance so they are expecting you, especially in the slow season. I have been told by family who live in the area that sometimes they don't open if they are not expecting anyone to come. They are really lovely folks and worth visiting for sure.

        1. re: basileater

          I always book a reservation at Victoria Inn. It seems the polite thing to do. If it's the same couple as last year, they are lovely and share a passion for food.