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Romantic Wedding Venue with Outstanding Food?

Hi all,

My fiance and I are searching for a wedding venue in New England that also offers creative, local, and seasonal food (it's the number one priorty for our wedding). We've considered farms, vineyards, and historic properties in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Has anyone been to a wedding that fits this bill? Or do you know of a caterer that might be worth looking into? We're open to any and all ideas, and would greatly appreciate any input.


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  1. Food was the #1 criteria at our wedding as well, and we went with East Meets West catering (www.eastmeetswestcatering.com) and a venue that allowed us to bring in outside food/booze. FYI, EMW only does food and recommends a great company for booze that essentially offers wholesale prices and takes back whatever you don't drink. As a package, our expense was lower than average because all the pieces were picked individually (as opposed to most venues that package everything and drive up the cost by making it an overall per person cost).

    PS. We got our cake from a different place as well, which was both yummier and cheaper.

    1. I got married at Wheatleigh, in Lenox. Fairy tale venue. Unbelievable food. High price.

      1. I attended a lovely wedding At upstairs on the Square in Harvard Sq. great space, very intimate and I liked the food- much better than most wedding fare. The Athenaeum offers its space for weddings, so perhaps you could bring a great caterer there.

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          I also attended a wedding at upstairs on the Square. It was great food and an extremely unique venue- definitely requires a couple that isn't looking for the standard wedding venue/set-up. It wouldn't have been for me, but I loved everything about it for that couple.

        2. Two options in Lincoln, MA: Codman Farms and the Pierce House.

          Pierce House
          3 Weston Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773

          1. My cousin had her daughter's wedding at Camp Ohana in Vermont. It might be a little more rustic than you're looking for, but it is beautiful.

            1. Congrats - we are using a caterer - Tastings out of Framingham - which is very good and somewhat creative, but affordable. On the other end of the spectrum price-wise, we looked at Cuisine Chez Vous in Somerville - their stuff looks super-creative but priced accordingly, so we did not select them. We are using the Pierce House, so you can bring in anyone you like (I think they have to get ok'ed by the town or something, but not a big deal).

              1. We used Tiger Lily Caterers (I think that's what they were called) - excellent - at Castle Hill, in Ipswich. Spectacular. Our guests still talk about how beautiful the whole affair was, 15 years later. Too bad we can't find our pictures!

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                  Went to a wedding catered by Tiger Lily (in Beverly) at Hammond Castle. Bride and groom were both 40 and cared so much about their guests. I know the bought their own wines and chapagne.
                  Without a doubt - the best wedding food ever. Choice was striped bass or loin lamb chops.

                2. I went to a wedding last September at Brooksby Farm, part of the Peabody Essex Museum. The food was outstanding, and they used a local caterer. The Barn was all lit up with little white lights, it was gorgeous. One of the nicest weddings I have been to in a very long time.


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                    My husband and I had food as a priority, and we went in another direction, with the Boston Harbor Hotel. We chose the hotel for other reasons (central location, waterfront views, wonderful staff, "vibe") but if we didn't trust that the food would be consistently excellent, that would have been a deal breaker. A year later our guests still say it was the best wedding food they've ever had. And it might have been our particular set of circumstances, but it was cheaper than most of the other historic homes/caterer combinations we priced out. Highly highly recommended.

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                      Another recommendation for the Boston Harbor Hotel. Our wedding food was absolutely superb. Chef Bruce and his team did an amazing job. Like Newyorker1, we still get compliments four years later.

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                      I also went to a wedding at Brooksby Farm and it was very romantic. They were able to decorate and choose they're own caterer, so you can make it as festive or low key as you like. They ended up choosing a clambake and everything was fantastic.

                    3. My wife and I got married 3 years ago at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton. We loved the venue and thought the food was great, but since then they have gone even more seasonal with their menus and I was told they are now growing a large amount of their produce on their property.

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                        For locations in the White Mountains, I would suggest looking at Lovett's Inn (Franconia) Sunset Hill House (Sugar Hill), and Notchland (Crawford Notch). Janet at Lovett's is an excellent cook. Notchland and Sunset Hill House will be a little more formal style food. These venues will accommodate medium sized weddings (60-100 people). Of the three, the most personal is Lovett's, but it will also accommodate only on the lower side of the above range. These places book well in advance for summer weddings. Your cost will be lower than a wedding in the immediate Boston if that is a concern. All three will provide references on request and are easily accessible via I-93 within 2-2.5 hours of Boston. Sunset Hill House has an excellent view.

                      2. Like a few others who responded, we found that it best to choose a venue and bring in an outside caterer. Specifically, we used the American Textile History Museum in Lowell and Two Chefs Are Better Than One catering, also based in Lowell. The latter are probably expensive nowadays, but we got them when they were first getting started.

                        Party Favors in Brookline makes a great wedding cake (if, like us, you like a moist, flavorful cake and sugary buttercream frosting).

                        Party Favors
                        1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA