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Aug 3, 2010 10:11 AM

goin to vancouver tomorrow! suggest some places?

hey anyone want to help with a "food itinerary" ..... id like to go to some cool vancouver places in interesting neighbourhoods and great food of course...i know its a lot to ask :) but help would be greatly appreciated. it'll be my first time on the west coast. ill also be in kelowna for a night, might check out the okanagan wine region too. im returning on the 8th.

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  1. Vancouver is a culinary trip around the world in one small city. However there are a few not to be missed joints around town. For the ultimate in small plate dining get in line for Bin 941 on Davie St. off Burrard, this place pumps out amazing food in a room slightly larger than your average walk-in closet. If you have some budget to blow I would recomend cruising up to the south Granville rise and checking out West, Van's premiere french fine dining. Even if you don't do the full meal deal, grab a seat at the bar for a snack and a couple of incredible cocktails from David. It's and experience worth basking in. Also in the same neighbourhood is Vij's. Idian food like you've never had before I promise. West coast ingredients with traditional Indian flavours. My favourite way to eat here is ask Mike or Vickram Vij himself just to 'feed me'. For an outrageously cheap fabulous lunch head over to Main St. and find Hawkers Delight for a Maylasian lunch at around 5 bucks. Snack your way around Granville Island one day, the Sandbar has a great rooftop deck for drinks and oysters but the food is only ok. And finally one last one, check out Lolita's on Davie St. at Jervis, kicking little mexican joint, fun place to hang out.....have fun!

    Vij's Restaurant
    1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

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      awesome! thanks you so much ill definately be checkin out the spots ;)

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        Hey, I'm heading up as well. Great post!
        Just curious, would you put Lumiere on your short list or is Van's a good cut above in your opinion?

        2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

      2. As, you'll already be in our fair city, I'm not sure if my reply might be coming too late. However, in the hope that you'll be checking this site during your day, this is my list of recommendations:

        Japadog - hotdogs topped with nori, japanese mayo, terkiyaki, etc...seriously it works & is very unique. There are a few Japadog carts around the city, but to sample the full menu go to their sit-down location at Robson & Richards. Anthony Bourdain is even a fan.

        La Casa Gelato on Venebles - over 280 flavours of ice cream on location, including some unusual flavours such as wasabi, pear & gorgonzola, garlic, curry, balsamic vinegar...but don't worry, they have more "normal" flavours too. Best gelateria in town.

        Sanafir on Granville near Nelson is a great place for tapas-style dining. Each entrée as a tasting trio of cuisines (mediterranean, indian, and south-east asian).

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          Hmm.. La Casa Gelato sounds like a good stop en route to our hotel (since I will be dropping off my car after that). Thanks.