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Aug 3, 2010 08:29 AM

Pizza on the A1 (Rome-Naples)?

Picking up my gf's parents at Fiumicino and then chauffeuring them down to Sorrento. We expect to have cleared Rome and be heading south on the A1 around 10-10:30. Gf is adamant that we stop for a "light", stand-up lunch only. So, I'm curious: are there are any good slice places close (10 km) to the superstrada between ,say, Teano and (continuing along the A3) the Vesuvius National Park? When we have an airport pick-up going back to Marche, we often stop in Camerano, where there a couple of good places for pan-style slices, allowing for a quick, hearty, but good-quality recharge.


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  1. There's always the Autogrill at Teano (Est ed Ovest). I've no personal experience in this locale, but try google mapping a target location--in your case Capua, Nola, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Caserta--along with the word "pizzerie" and you'll hit some possibilities near exits. Getting a slice at an "al taglio" place should take little more than a drive down a feeder road and watching for signs for bar/caffe/pizza al taglio/rosticceria. I did find a small chain of pizzerie/osterie, Fratelli i Bufala, never been there, with what look like easy-on/easy-off places in the region.
    One near Capua:
    Via Nazionale Appia, 5
    81020 Casapulla CE, Italia
    0823 468176

    1. Learn something new every day: a multinational ITALIAN Italian restaurant chain: Maybe someone should start a "L'Orto d'Oliva" franchise here...

      Thanks for that, bob96. But I can't bring myself to eat at a chain -- any chain. Plus, FlaB is a sit-down place. I'm looking for a stand-up one.

      Yeah, I know the drill about the bar, pizzerie, etc. But as I'm sure you know, a hunt in an unknown city is hit or miss, mostly miss. A lot of al taglio places bring in pre-made slabs, top 'em with beh ingredients, bake 'em, and set out the pans. A slice often tastes like cardboard. I don't know how many times I've walked into a place, thought "eww, schifo", and walked right out.

      Here in Marche, I can recommend good slice joints in a number of towns. I was cautiously hopeful that I might get a firsthand rec for one in that -- albeit, not heavily touristed -- stretch of the country.

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        They've got some outlets in a number of countries, but appear to be owned by a family from Aversa --alas, their Miami Beach spot has many favorable reviews on trip advisor, but I'd never heard of them in any capacity. Sure, I understand the hit and miss nature of google finds and searches; I was not at all sure you'd be able to find any real body of personal recommendations for something as quick and informal as a stand up al taglio caffe. Maybe someone can offer one. In any case, your experience reminds me of why we sometimes treasure an Autogrill for a quick caffe and a panino. Maybe Luciano Pignataro has some recs on his site. Buona fortuna, buona caccia.

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          There is a famous place , da Gigino - Pizza a metro- in Vico Equense - can you wait that long?

          I found one possibility in Carla Capalbo's book - a place called Antica Osteria Pizzeria Pepe in Caiazzo, which supposedly has a terrific Calzone con scarola - but its a good ways off the A1. She also recommends a couple of pizzerie in Casertavecchia, that are open all day but it looks like they are sit down.

          If It were me, I would look for a town with some interest, where I might want to stroll around and stretch my legs a bit and for my lunch break. There are a lot of towns with neapolitan style pizza which takes like what 2 min to cook? some of them may sell slices and fritti too, as in Naples. . Finally a stand up lunch may be much less attractive to your parents than your girlfriend if they are arriving tired and jetlagged.

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            Ah, Caiazzo. Ah, Pepe. We went out of our way, pleasurably to be sure, to get that gorgeous-looking calzone con scarola at Antica Osteria Pizzeria Pepe for lunch in that sweet little town. Of course, it was only open for dinner, and we trekked back to the autostrada. Casteravecchia (or Capua itself) might be a better choice, and I assume pizzerie here might be open for lunch, given the greater foot traffic. In any case, it's probably best to call and check about lunch--and I;d, too, rather be sitting than standing.

            1. re: bob96

              Thanks, jen and bob. I'll look into these (thanks, too, for noting that Pepe is open for dinner only). I'll report back on this thread after the trip in September.

              I've also mined a number of good recommendation here on CH for the Costa Amalfitana.

              And, while I'm at it, thanks jen for your Naples recs on another thread. I've noted La Stanza del Gusto, L'Europeo di Mattozzi, La Cantina di via Sapienza, Hosteria Toledo, and Ciro a Santa Brigida. I've been asked to choose a restaurant for the four of us, plus four other parent siblings -- a sort of family reunion dinner. The orders are good cooking, typical Neopolitan cuisine, not too fancy, not too expensive. Also, I'd like a place that would offer a memorable experience for those coming from the U.S. Which of your choices do you think would best fit the bill?

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                You know, I might head for L'Europeo di Matozzi, in this case, which we were not able to visit but which seems to be universally liked for its traditional neapolitan food as well as pizza and a warm welcome.. Its not in the most beautful part of Naples - meaning that its sort of in a business governmental area with modern buildings rather than the historic center (and Im assuming the subway digging is still going on), but its not far from the port.

                Hostaria Toledo (more like a trattoria) or Ciro alla Brigida (faded formality, eccentric waitstaff when we were there) also might work - the Cantina is a tiny lunch only place, might not be easy for such a large group unless you got there early - I dont know how the Stanza would be - we ate there on a Sunday when they were not serving in the restaurant proper but in their little Cheese Bar area.

        2. I just noticed this place Al Vecchio Mulino in Teano,,

          check out the description in the pignataro link. Not pizza at all but looks like it would be a lovely place to break a trip between Rome and Sorrento.

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            Thanks, jen! The place looks quite lovely. Rustic dishes with a twist, it seems: trota con porcini? That's a new one for me (though it does get plenty of google hits). I'll propose it and see what happens. The trip is next month, and I'll report back on results.

            1. re: jen kalb

              alas the old database link is dead. Here is some info on Al Vecchio Mulino in Teano, note change of address in website link.



            2. No meal on the drive down: car trouble 30 minutes south of Fiumicino forced us to turn around to the airport and grab a rental car. I did, however, discover a little hidden gem: for those of you who find yourselves waiting outside long-term parking at Fiumicino (yeah, that happens all the time...), go to the fenced in area next door where all the cabbies are. In the back, there's a nice bar with full-on pizza and panini. I ordered up four different sandwiches, and we ate lunch under a big shady tree with a magnificient view of the airport Hilton.

              Da Gigino (Vico Equense turns out to be maybe two, two-and-a-half hours south of Rome on the autostrada) would have been the place, but it'll have to wait for next time.