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Aug 3, 2010 08:27 AM

SOS: how to make brioche buns with irregular air bubbles???

hey! i saw tha photos of bouchon bakery's wagu sliders in web. the person who posted the photos said the buns were brioche buns. and there was also a photo of the brioche buns, cut in half.

i saw many irregular bubbles in it.
so far the brioche buns i have made was only with regular tiny bubbles whch means i felt that those were quite dense.
and i saw other photos of brioche buns other people made for themselves. they seemed quite dense too like mine.
so i would like to ask if there are some ways to make my broche buns with irregular air bubbles so it could be more fluffy than regular brioches.
should i add more milk???

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  1. Do you get any holes or large holes with your current method?

    You could knead it more to develop the gluten but don't want to overdo or you'll end up w/ a tougher brioche. A longer rise will create better texture with the air bubbles and be careful after the rise that you don't deflate the dough and release trapped air. I like Dorie Greenspan's brioche recipe and the texture of the brioche. I do have the Bouchon cookbook w/ brioche that I could post, if you're interested. I haven't made it but they do talk about the importance of an overnight rise.

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      can i utilize stretch and fold technique of peter reinhart (like i did for ciabata dough instructed in his lates baking book )for the brioche mixture rether than french fold technique but with less butter and more milk?

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        You might look for a recipe for a poor man's brioche, which would have less butter. Unless I knew what I was looking for, as texture goes, I wouldn't play around w/ proportions w/out having more knowledge, if there was a certain result I wanted. I use the stand mixer for making brioche so don't know about using the french fold method for it. You might look into Bread Baker's Apprentice where Reinhart covers three versons, rich man's w/ more butter/eggs, middle class (I think that's what he called it) w/ less, and poor man's with minimal. The rich man's version is yellower and I love the richness of it, especially since it's not an every day bread for me.

    2. Funny there are the three versions of Brioche. In fact the picture attached was the result of my reaction to the high price (for my budget) of the brioche buns in the stores. So, yes, without knowing your recipe it's hard to say what you can do to achieve your desired result. In general I think hydration level is important to consider. I don't use a mixer. I didn't use butter in its usual form in this (poorest of the poor) version, but i used very good heavy cream, which I guess is a sort of pre-butter. Yes to Frisage, and French fold. Very little handling, though i did throw the dough a few times, and patted it all around to creat a nice thin skin to trap the bubbles. Also, cold rise in the fridge was involved. very little yeast: 1/4 tsp for 3 cups of flour.