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Aug 3, 2010 08:04 AM

Edit my Paris Eating Itinerary?

My husband and I will be in Paris the second week of September after a week in Burgundy (and two days in Lyons). I'd love it if the savants would take a look at our itinerary and help me through the doubled and tripled days. Also, if anyone has a sense of how likely it will be to get a reservation at these places after they come back from the congé annuel, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks!

Saturday -- Brasserie Lipp (I know, I know--for personal reasons, it's non-negotiable)
Sunday -- lunch at Comptoir du Relais? Baratin? Liza? (depends on what we're up to/how we're feeling) / Dinner at a friend's
Monday -- Les Papilles / L'Agrume / Jadis
Tuesday -- Auguste / Christophe
Wednesday -- Chez Omar / L'Atlas
Thursday -- Dinner at our apartment with friends (this is a good market day, right? Not that it matters utterly as we're near Le Grand Epicerie)
Friday -- L'Ami Jean / Pre Verre

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  1. Sounds good.

    Thursday has the market on avenue de Saxe in the morning. Funnier and better than Grande épicerie.

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    1. re: souphie

      I love that market. I've bought fabulous produce their and some great homemade jam.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        Thanks for the market tip! I only knew about the market on Raspail--my husband's in big trouble. Going to markets with me exhausts him utterly, but if he stayed home eating croissants, who would carry the bags?

    2. Ok. Lipp settled for Saturday and Pre Verre for friday. Everyone else is on vacation. The reservation question becomes important--is it foolhardy for me to wait until the reopenings (23rd for Jadis and Auguste, 31st for L'Ami Jean and L'Agrume) before hammering down the rest of the itinerary? Or should I call my second choices (Christophe and Papilles, then untold others) now?

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        1. re: LostBread

          All your alternatives and "second choices" are better than Pré Verre.

        2. Hi, not to confuse the issue, but I'm going to re-opened Spring today. Lunch is EU 38, w/o wine (can't have everything!), and will let you know if this is worth adding to your itinerary. Anyone been?

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            1. re: pkyeater

              You bet; many pix at John Talbott's Paris. Great reopening.

              1. re: pkyeater

                ooh, I'd love to hear. Anychance in Hades we'd get in?

                1. re: LostBread

                  Been there, done it, totally won over.

                  LostBread, give the resto a call now. It is still in its reopening period, with a lot more possibility of booking than before (or after).
                  Esp for lunch, which is excellent value. The house kept give us mini dishes for tasting. It was a tasting menu without being called so.

                  1. re: Parigi

                    I've tried calling (long distance on a cell phone) so can't hear the message very clearly but do they say to call between 3:30 and 7:30 for new reservations?

                    1. re: bdachow

                      Yes, the recording, which indeed sucks, - pardonnez mon Français, - says:
                      for new reservations; call between 3:30 and 7:30pm Tuesday to Saturday.

                      But I never called the resto except once to change the number of our party. I always called Josh at the Spring store. You may want to try him. He is there all day and speaks English.

                      1. re: Parigi

                        Merci beaucoup! I will try again in a few minutes. Hopefully they can speak English or else they'll have to work through my high school French from a long distance cell phone too. :)

                    2. re: Parigi

                      Thanks for the help! Lunch there sounds great. I'll see if I can work out my time zone math and call. BTW, bdachow, try Skype, if you don't have a decent international cell phone plan. The fidelity is great and, so far, I've made 5 reservations for 45 cents in calling fees. Not to be an advertisement or anything...

                      1. re: LostBread

                        Thanks LostBread. I've been using Skype with my bf who's traveling but so far, I can't say that I'm impressed. Too many dropped calls between us which is really frustrating.

                        I tried calling on Saturday multiple times between the appointed hours and everytime, it went to the message. I'll have to try them on Tuesday but it's really frustrating. I did try calling the boutique and got noone as well.

                        1. re: bdachow

                          Humph. Maybe there's a bandwidth problem?

                          I haven't been able to get through to Spring either. Let me know if you do!

                          1. re: LostBread

                            I tried again today close to 6:30 and still answering machine. Am wondering if they're on vacation?

                              1. re: Parigi

                                Or walk to it. Then you can buy some yummy stuff for dinner.