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Too Much Leftover Smoked Brisket!

We smoked a 14 lb brisket on Saturday (7/31) and have about 6 lbs leftover - any ideas for what to do with these leftovers and how long we can eat them? I would think it would be OK until at least Thursday, but never really sure about these things. I am definitely going to do a taco (cabbage, crema, avocado) one night, but any other suggestions will be great!

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  1. make some cuban-style black beans, and then marinate your smoked brisket in a cuban mojo. serve them together on rice, with some finely chopped onion on top.

    i'd definitely freeze some in 1 pound freezer containers.

    nachos are good with smoked meat, too.

    1. I've made brisket hash before, Hash brown potatoes, diced green pepper diced brisket, diced onions, butter, salt and pepper to taste. Grated cheese optional. Mmm good.

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        Second the vote for Brisket Hash! Smoke & Spice Cookbook by the Jamison's has a great recipe that calls for 4 cups of shredded smoked brisket, diced potatoes, red bell pepper, onion, a couple of pickled jalepenos, a cup of beef stock, a little prepared mustard and ketchup. Good stuff!

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          This is the book we used for the brisket rub! Guess we should have looked here first.

      2. Why not freeze it like alkapal said? That way you're not rushed to eat 6 pounds of beef before it goes bad.

        1. When I read the topic of this thread I thought to myself "It's not possible to have too much left over brisket". Just freeze it. As for uses, tacos, hash, as has been mentioned, how about smoked brisket soup?

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            It's nearly 4 years later, but SAME reaction: "Huh?? What does TOO much brisket mean. I didn't know such a state existed in nature." LOL
            I have a lot of left over pork rib meat (I already pulled the bones out. Will do hash with it and tacos and burritos and sandwiches with a sweet mustard based BBQ sauce-- allergic to tomato!) and ??? so here looking for more ideas.

          2. if you're really desperate to unload it, i'd be happy to take some off your hands, as i'm sure many other Hounds would ;)

            you got some great ideas already, i'll just add a few more:
            - use in a smoky ragu to serve over polenta or mashed potatoes
            - brisket sandwiches
            - shred some for smoky sloppy joes, enchiladas or tamales
            - chili

            1. Thanks for the great ideas! Will definitely freeze some - I thought that may make it tough but sounds like it's the way to go.

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                It won't make it tough, but it will probably be a bit drier when you've defrosted it for the next use. Just don't eat it plain on a sandwich: go with the sloppy joe type of method where it is mixed into a sauce of some sort.

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                  My husband reheats it in a covered pan in the oven with a bit of apple juice to steam.

                  Me, I like to make burritos out of it.

              2. Shred some of it and freeze it. When you're in the mood for pulled pork sandwiches, thaw some of the shredded brisket out, mix it with bbq sauce and sweet onions and put it on hamburger buns. It will be great.

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                  i would not shred before freezing, but after. i think it would have more surface exposure to dry out in the shredded state -- not good.

                2. Smoked brisket chili beats ground beef any day!

                    1. Brisket pot pie or a brisket shephard's pie.

                      1. Freeze it ... brisket freezes really well utilizing a Food Saver. I had the same problem last month ... so froze the leftovers ... tastes great reheated in the oven with a little beef broth.

                        1. So sorry that my reply, now almost 4 months after your post, won't help with the initial dilemna, but thought it worthwhile to reply in case anyone ever runs into this again and is in search of good smoked brisket leftover recipes. I have to tell you that I broke apart a leftover smoked brisket and used it in a vegetable soup. It yielded, literally, THE best damned veggie/beef soup I've ever eaten. And, I'm a discerning souphound and culinary snob from New Orleans, the mecca of great food...lol. Okay, so otherwise not snobbish at all, but hey, I admit that I'm reserved and quite picky about referencing something as *great*, unless it seriously earns the adjective. :) So, again, info for the future. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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                            i'll bet that was some darned good veggie soup. in fact, now i'm craving that very thing for my comfort in these cold, dreary days. i hate winter!

                          2. save some frozen one for pizza toppings too!

                            Oh drat, just say the date on OP's original post

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                              that is ok, someone else will have leftover brisket one day..... ;-).

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                                That person is me. Thanks, everybody!

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                                  yep! there ya go! ;-).

                                  i wish i had some leftover brisket right now, on a kaiser roll with poppy seeds and some horsey mayo.

                                  (i just realized that i was the "first responder " on this thread almost exactly one year ago. boy, time is flying. ;(.

                            2. second for freezing as pizza topping,
                              dice small and coat with favorite sauce and bag/portion them out for pizza use.

                              1. 4 yrs later but still new ideas pop up for those of us searching now.
                                Just plain old beans and brisket would be great (not chili-- that's good too, but already on the list)
                                The other good one is to make a Beef Based Chili Verde with it:
                                2-3 lbs cooked brisket
                                couple of onions sauteed/sweated with
                                3 or 4 cloves garlic
                                then abt a tbsp of ground cumin added to the onion pan for a minutes stirring it well. Then add
                                8-10 green chilies, prepped (blackened and peeled, seeds removed, and
                                a quart of tomatoes
                                tsp or 2 of salt
                                Put all of that in a crockpot or dutch oven. Cook all day on low in CP, 2-3 hrs in Dutch oven. Just whatever it takes to get it where you want it. it's so good