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Aug 3, 2010 06:14 AM

Plain yellow corn in CT???

I'm sick of a tablespoon-of-sugar-in-your-corn. You know, the sugar and butter, peas and carrots, salt & sugar varieties of white/yellow corn.

Does anybody grow and sell yellow corn [not cow corn] at stands in CT? The ears with a corn taste and a hint of sweetness, not the variety which leaves a sugar crust on your lips.

Too much of a sweet tooth - America.

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  1. I doubt you'll find anyone growing the old-style cultivars. Most folks prefer the sweet corn. And even the earlier varieties of corn grown in New England for the table had plenty of sugar. The main difference is how quickly that sugar is converted into starch after picking. As a seed, which is what a grain of corn is, after all, starch is better for long-term storage. Back in the day, the key to good corn was the time between the picking and the cooking and eating. It was said, if you grew your own corn, that it was best to have the pot of water up to boiling speed before you headed out to the garden plot to pick the ears. Pick, husk, cook, eat, with minimum delay between each step.

    I do prefer the newer kinds of table corn. You can find all yellow varieties and all white ones as well as the butter & sugar type. But they all taste super sweet. Perhaps if you let yours sit in the fridge for a week or so, enough sugar would convert to starch to please you.

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      "Perhaps if you let yours sit in the fridge for a week or so, enough sugar would convert to starch to please you."

      I agree with Pipenta. You'll be hard pressed to find less sweet fresh corn at farm stands without resorting to feed corn. I don't know where I heard this, and I could be wrong, but I think if you keep the corn at room temp as opposed to refrigerating the sugars will convert to starch more quickly.

    2. Don't know where you're coming from, but, my family really loves the wonderful yellow corn from Scott's Yankee Farmer at 436 Boston Post Road in East Lyme. The farm store has a variety of vegetables and fruit. You can also pick your own fruit at their nearby orchard.