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Aug 3, 2010 05:54 AM

need rec for dinner 1/2 way between Burlington and Milford CT

Want to find a nice restaurant to meet friends from Burlington CT 1/2 way to Milford... It looks like 1/2 way is the Waterbury/Prospect area.. We are all very adventurous and would consider something out of the ordinary. Any ideas

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  1. Brass City Bistro in Waterbury right off 84. I have had 2 good meals there.

    Brass City Bistro
    812 Hamilton Ave, Waterbury, CT 06706

    1. That is so funny. My sister lives in Burlington and us in Milford, so we are always looking for this very thing as well. La Tavola comes to mind; however, a coworker from the area who had two disappointing meals at La Tavola recommended a tiny place called Roma Ristorante in Oakville for "better Italian" but she said it is really small and reservation is a must. A different friend also highly recommended Santos to me recently, a portuguese place in Naugatuck, for this cool cook-a-steak-on-a-rock thing that you do at your table (read He went with a bunch of guys and said it was so cool and highly recommended it; however, my coworker says Santos can be "cheesy," and she recommends Lisboa in Waterbury for more authentic portuguese food, which she is one. Good Luck!

      Roma Ristorante
      179 Davis St, Watertown, CT 06779

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        Roma has fantastic food but it is impossible to get anything other than a 5:00 PM reservation on a weekend..even with a reservation, the wait for your food could be as long as two hours...if you are up for it, try the meatball appetizer or the fried smelts, also an appetizer but a HUGE portion...also spedini is very good...pasta's are to die for...very reasonable prices...