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Aug 3, 2010 05:52 AM

Spice Goddess on Cooking Channel

did anyone else watch? I can't decide how I feel about her yet. what were your impressions?

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  1. I've only watched the last 10 minutes or so of one of her shows. She seems very self-conscious on camera right now. It was during the portion of the show where she was finishing up a dish (a potato salad of some kind) and tasting it. She was just oohing and ahhing over it saying it tasted good. I'm hoping she settles down a little (who wouldn't be nervous at first?), and gets to the point where she can be more descriptive about the foods she's tasting in terms of heat, texture, aroma, etc. Also, as she's adding the spices, I would love for her to say things such as adds a "nutty flavor" or a "floral aroma," etc. I notice she said she was adding turmeric "for color", which is good, but it would be nice if she said what color. I happen to know, but to be honest, I am not 100% familiar with the individual contributions of the various typical Indian spices in part because I'm so familiar seeing them together.

    I would like to see a full episode or two. I think it has promise.


    1. So far, I really like her show. She does do a little too much oohing and ahhing when she tries the food, and I agree a little more explanation of some of the spices would be welcome, but overall it's informative and she's so pleasant to watch and listen to. Food looks absolutely lovely, like the salmon and sweet potato cakes she made last week.

      1. I agree. A little too much oohing and ahhing when tasting, but I think her recipes sound terrific and I have her show set to record on my DVR.

        Boy is that kitchen pristine! I wish she'd spill a little turmeric.

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          yes, a little TOO much 'MMMMMMM" describe the taste! :)

        2. While I have never been a big fan of Indian food, watching her makes me want to try more dishes. I really enjoy her show and her backstory is amazing. I have actually bought the ingredients to try out her Spicy City Cake.

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          1. re: pamelal

            What is her backstory? I'm intrigued!


            1. re: pamelal

              that cake looked really good.
              I'm frustrated with the program because I am allergic to dairy, and it seems most of her dishes have yogurt in them. maybe this is why I have no experience with indian food.

              1. re: jujuthomas

                Can you not use soy yogurt? (I'm assuming there is such a thing!)

                1. re: kleine mocha

                  there is such a thing. and yes, in some cases I'm sure I could sub it out. but I don't know, for example, the goal of marinating protein in regular yogurt. would the effect be the same if I used a soy yogurt or do i just skip entirely.

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    Well, if it was just a marinade I imagine you could substitute anything kind of tangy/sour. The effect of the flavor on the dish would probably be minimal. Anyway, I'm sure your are used to making substitutions/omissions like that for other things--the recipe is likely to still taste good, if not exactly like the original. Now if you had to omit half the spices, that would be another kettle of fish! ;-)

            2. I find the show a little boring, maybe I haven't watched it more than a couple of times but it just doesn't hold my interest.