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Aug 3, 2010 05:24 AM

CSA in/near Caledon?

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know of a good CSA in or around Caledon that does weekly or bi-weekly shares? We've just moved from Etobicoke (where we used Plan B and loved them, but they haven't any depots near our new house), and have been to Bailey's and Downey's, and found most of their offerings too expensive for us. Any ideas/suggestions?

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  1. What's a CSA? Plan B ?

    1. Ditto - have no idea what a CSA is...

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        community shared agriculture, you pay up front to cover the farmers costs in the early season, and enjoy weekly harvests. Here is a good one that has a very informative website: No drop offs near Caledon though.


        Check through ON CSA directory to see if there is a CSA near you.

        1. re: jnine

          According to the directory here is the closest CSA to you:

          Looks like a residential community/commune too.

          1. re: jnine

            In the Erin area (which is the township that adjoins Caledon) there are a number of farms with CSA programs, all of which grow organically and/or are certified organic:

            Everdale Farm in Hillsburgh:

            Heartwood Farm

            Bernway Farm: in Ospringe

            Whole Circle Farm in Acton:

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              Thanks, jnine. Unfortunately, Whole Village has run out of registrations (we just moved here a month ago, and are still catching up on where to shop etc.), and the other CSA in the directory at Cheltenham doesn't answer the phone. I plan to go there tomorrow, so wish me luck!

              1. re: bittenkitten

                bittenkitten, you might not have seen my post, above. One or more of these farms might still have shares available.

        2. Has the info you want, and is the right answer!! EAT LOCAL...