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Aug 3, 2010 12:19 AM

Best Jamaican Patty in Miami (and/or Broward)

I have been to both Patty Mon and Patty Place in the Caribbean Market. Both are good, but I find the crust a little heavy on the Patty Mon Patty, and the flavor on the Patty Place is a little strong.

Also heard the following spots are good, but would like to hear thoughts on who gets it right.

Charles (Broward)

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  1. Sonia's are great, haven't had the others though.

    1. You have the top three listed right there.

      Personally I would rank them 1. Charlie's 2. Hammonds (Very close family friends, but Charlies is better) 3. Sonia's. You really honestly cant go wrong with any of the three.

      With that being said the selection of Jamaican bakeries in South Florida is solid to good but not great. Its Jamaican cooked food where South Florida really shines, the best selection of JA cooked food of any city outside JA, bar none.

      1. I like Sonia's alot...however, you may also want to try Marie's on SW 160 St, just off of US1. The crust is a little more traditional there and they don't have the variety of Sonia's, but very reminiscent of days spent in Savannah La Mar.

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          I have managed to get to Hammond's and thought it was a fantastic patty. Nice crust and really delicious filling. Eager to get to the other two in time.