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Aug 2, 2010 10:20 PM

Remembering my favorite homemade Halloween treats

Once upon a time when I was a trick and treating little'un (mid -late 60's) we would run the large development of homes we lived in (Southern CA) and come home with bags full of homemade popcorn balls, candy apples, cookies, etc. One mother on my block dressed as a witch and served up fresh apple cider from a big cauldron on her front lawn. It was yet unheard of to really worry about receiving mishandled candy or other things. You knew all your neighbors pretty well back in those days. Many gave out the snack size candy bars (one neighbor always gave regular size Hershey bars every single year I knocked on their door) which were second favorites for me but the homemade treats I never forgot-the popcorn balls were caramelly and so fresh and often there were left overs so we would stop at that house again for seconds!. Anyone else remember "good old Halloween days" and were you lucky enough to have homemade treats in your trick or treat bag?

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