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Aug 2, 2010 10:01 PM

EMP wine pairing question

My bf and I will be dining at EMP in a couple of weeks and plan on ordering the 11 course gourmand. I'm contemplating the wine pairing as well, but was wondering how much wine comes with each pairing. It seems like it varies from restaurant to restaurant so I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has been before. I'm trying to gauge how much eleven of the pairings would be in the aggregate, since I'm a smaller person and don't want to stumble out of the restaurant. *GRINS* Can anyone help shed some light?


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  1. I think it's too much wine.

    1. The pours are just perfect amounts for each course. I am a big eater and didn't make it to cheese and dessert courses. The somolier will make great choices for you with each plate. You will love!

      1. My husband always does pairings when we do the "11." Though he has a very healthy appetite, he found that pairing with every course became so filling, he was seriously flagging by the time we got to the meat course and couldn't even touch the desserts. He now pairs with about half the courses, and it's perfect.

        Photos of our most recent EMP "11" including wine pairings:

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          That sounds wonderful. How does pairing with only some of the courses work though-- simply ask the sommelier about the option? And do you typically pay for the whole pairing or is there some reduction in the price given you skip almost half?

          Thanks for the suggestion!

          1. re: steffibell

            At the beginning of the meal, tell your captain that you only want to pair with about half the courses and ask to speak with the sommelier. You will be asked what kinds of wines you prefer, and you can then discuss which courses would be best for the pairings. Sometimes, a particular wine might work with more than one course.

            If you only have 5 or 6 glasses, of course, they will not charge you for an entire pairing. And, btw, the bottle of Cognac, brandy, or other after-dinner drink they bring to the table at the end of the meal, pour and leave for your enjoyment is on the house.