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Aug 2, 2010 09:59 PM

American Caviar Brands?

Lots of chefs are recommending California and other American caviars over foreign brands (for political and environmental reasons), but not naming (brand) names. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Petrossian. Honestly, the only caviar brand that I know. You can select the "American" filter.

      1. re: stilton

        I've had some Tsar Nicoulai prepared at a local restaurant...good stuff!

        1. re: stilton

          We first had this at Domaine Carneros for Christmas Eve lunch 2009 and really liked it. Bought 2oz for $20 if I'm not mistaken at WF after that but they only carry it seasonally.

        2. little pearl caviar - they only sell American harvested, sustainable caviar - its sold at lots of Whole Foods locations (and online)

          1. I have had great luck with Seattle Caviar. They are nearish to me so Istarted ordering from them because of the reviews and proximity (I was ordering in the summer). BUT after that I went back because they were good, the prices were fair and they have a great selection of caviars and other goodies. Plus, if you have a question, you can call and boy are they friendly and informative.

            Try paddlefish. Not bad. Local.

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              Paddlefish is great. I caught one last year and it yielded 7 lbs of caviar. It is really similar to Sevruga. You can make it as salty as you like or don't. Paddlefish flesh is also delicious, something like shark. Not surprising as it is a cartilaginous fish like sturgeon and shark. The muscle bundles interlace so it does not flake like snapper or cod.

            2. We fell in love with tobiko (?sp) which is flying fish roe. For the life of me I can't remember a brand name. Tiny, tiny eggs that had a crisp "bite" to them (I am SO sure that's not the right term). And about $12-14 for 2oz.

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              1. re: c oliver

                I LOVE tobiko! It's even my username on a chat room, although I stole it from my cat, who is named Tobiko. It is definitely a texture thing, as they aren't nearly as salty as most caviar. I can get it frozen fairly inexpensively at our local Asian market and the even closer fishmonger.

                1. re: tracylee

                  So you like the frozen? That's good to know. I'll look in my Asian market.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    I has to be used up pretty quickly - it's terrible re-frozen. With only one or two of us to eat it, it's difficult to get smaller amounts sometimes. The little plastic condiment-type cupsare easier to get through - but that depends on where I find it.