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Aug 2, 2010 09:45 PM

ROME: Seeking advice on our restaurant selections...

Ciao, tutti.

Please excuse me for cluttering this forum with another post asking for recommendations in Rome, but I value your feedback and I’d like to ensure as much as possible that my fiancée and I make the most of our meals in the city while on our honeymoon. The restaurants that we’re considering have been cherry-picked from recent posts in the Italy forum or have been recommended to us by second-hand sources. Here’s our list:

For lunch:
Sor'Eva, Il Matriciano, and Da Lucia.

For dinner:
Osteria la Gensola, Al Ceppo, Checchino dal 1887, and La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali.

As a point of reference, we ate at Matricianella twice in 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed it. As far as dinner goes, we’d like to dine at a restaurant that can offer a similar experience. Are Chechino and Al Ceppo straying from that requirement—are they encroaching on “fancy”? Da Lucia and La Taverna were both recommended to us, but look iffy. Please critique and criticize. Are we overlooking a better restaurant? Should one of our dinner choices actually be a lunch choice? We will have three dinners and two lunches while in Rome.

Grazie mille!

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  1. Someone shot a youtube in Sor'Eva, so you can take a look to see if it the ambience and decor is what you want. They make their own pasta, and I enjoyed their ravioli there but it was a while ago.

    The soundtrack is tedious, so you might want to turn it off and just take a look the visuals.

    1. Checchino dal 1887 is the only restaurant of those you've listed that we've been to. It is excellent. If you are a bit adventurous in your eating, try the pajata. But even if you are not the adventurous type, there are plenty of traditional dishes that you will enjoy. Buon appetito!

      1. @barberinibee and @ttoommyy: Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        Searching for the best restaurants in Rome has turned into an obsession, but I think we’re closer to a decision after more debate, more research, and consideration of where we anticipate spending the most time. We’re now considering:

        Lunch at Le Mani in Pasta and Le Colline Emiliane.
        Dinner at La Gensola and Al Ceppo or Checchino dal 1887.

        I’m assuming that we don’t need reservations for lunch. As for dinner, how far in advance should I make a request? We’ll be in Rome in early October.

        Thanks again.

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          I would not make that assumption. Both lunch choices are small and popular. Once you decide, ensure a table is available and reserve by phone well in advance.

          1. re: Il Duomo

            Definitely make a reservation at Le Colline Emiliane. Many Italians make lunch the big meal of the day...and remember, Italian business people usually have more than an hour for lunch and may linger.

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Really? I'm glad I asked. Thanks for letting me know, guys! What's the etiquette for making reservations in Rome? In San Francisco, two months might be reasonable notice. Can I use the same time frame for dinner and maybe two weeks notice for lunch?

              1. re: Il Duomo

                A number of places may be closed for August vacation and do not have web sites so you will need to call direct. 3-4 weeks in front should offer peace of mind. If you are uncomfortable calling, have your hotel concierge reserve (and confirm back) via email.

          2. Just wanted to add - i'd enjoy trying the places you have listed. There is no cluttering up of the forum, thats what its for. the reports back are what I look forward to!