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ISO schmaltz

Does anyone know where in the Bay Area I might be able to find schmaltz (the chicken variety)? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I think Oakland Kosher Fods sells it. I'd call and ask.

    1. Mollie Stone's has it in their freezer section.

      Mollie Stone's
      851 Cherry Ave # 22, San Bruno, CA

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        There is fresh rendered chicken schmaltz from organic chicken at the Sunday farmer's market on California Ave in Palo Alto = Old Creek Ranch


      2. I've bought it at Andronico's Shattuck, frozen, but not lately.

        1. Bob @ Mission Market Fish & Poultry can take care of you. Might have to call ahead, but he'll have it perfectly fresh and just right.

          1. "Mountain Ranch Organically Grown" at the Saturday Ferry Building Farmers' Market has freshly rendered chicken schmaltz.

            209 754 5253

            1. My dad used to eat schmaltz on a piece of crusty bread. How are you using it?

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                Old country dad. "In Europe rendered chicken or goose fat is prized as a spread for bread."

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                  I'm making matzo balls and they're just so much better with schmaltz than butter or oil. :) Although eating it on a piece of crusty bread sounds interesting, too.... maybe with a sprinkle of sea salt...

                2. You should think about making it. It is really easy and lasts forever in the fridge. I order chicken fat and chicken skin (for gribenes) from Bi-Rite or another good butcher. Then let melt and simmer till it golden and pretty clear, throw in a sliced onion and let it simmer until the onion and skin are crisp (being careful not to let the onion burn).

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                    Make sure you specify Chicken Fat or Kosher when making your inquiries, as Europeans use the word "schmaltz for all rendered fats. Goose, pig, duck, etc.

                  2. My child is obsessed with matzo ball soup right now and matzo balls made with melted butter definitely taste a little off, so I stumbled onto this thread and just want to add a couple of sources:

                    Spotted some in the freezer section of Andronicos.

                    The newly opened (and frankly awesome) Mission outpost of 4505 meats has it in their freezer case.

                    1. i would strongly recommend just making some- its pretty simple and hassle free. also more reliable rather than someone elses frozen product IMO.
                      just put a bunch of chicken feet/wings/bones in a pot and simmer for a few hours, then turn off heat and chill. presto- you will have schmaltz. i am making mine a day before the matza balls so i have it ready... good luck.

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                        @ possomspice, thanks for the tip!

                        If you decide to make your own, do call a butcher beforehand to see if they have parts to spare and ask them the price. Last passover, with schmaltz sold out everywhere, and me being desperate, I had to pay $3/lb for skin!

                      2. Just spotted schmaltz on the Good Eggs website today. Roti Roti is the seller.

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                          It is actually very easy to make - from a thread on the kosher board talking about making Gribenes which is the by product of rendering schmaltz - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/930338