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Had My First Arista Today...

Is it wrong that I'm still thinking about it nearly 12 hours later??

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  1. That is why you're a chowhound!

    Have you tried the Daddy Wad...awesome!

    1. Ever since they changed the liveracce to chicken livers... I dream about that sandwich.

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        OK, guys, quit the tease: what is an Arista, a Daddy Wad, liveracce, and where does one find these oddities?

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            They're sandwiches from Paesano's. The Gustaio and Panelle are awesome too, but it's hard not to get the Arista every time..


        1. Is it wrong that now I can't stop thinking about when I can get my next one?

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            Ahhh, the Arista. I dream about the Arista. It is in a class by itself. You simply cannot compare it to other pork sandwiches, it is like comparing apples to oranges. I strayed once and ordered the Daddy Wad. It didn't compare. Wasn't bad, just wasn't the best hoagie I ever had. May have to hit the 9th St. location for that Liveracce sandwich though.

          2. Sure l am speaking only for myself, but the top pork and pork sandwiches in this city are way too salty for me, meaning Amada'a whole pig, the Arista, DiNic's sliced, pulled OK. Only John's of top mentioned places seems to keep the salt at a decent level. Tried the pork at Shank's on Delaware Ave a few weeks ago and damn, same thing. Guess l have a palate that is whizzed out by even a little too much salt. This is why l like Nick's beef, no salt, have to add your own or not. l eat the panelle at Paesano's.

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              I agree that the Paesano's Arista is salty - but the pork draws me in anyway. I don't go to Modo Mio because of the salt content of their food, but that Arista....

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                I've had it when it's a little too salty, but the last couple Aristas I've had were not. I think maybe the sharp provolone they use on it varies in saltiness.

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                  has anyone had him hold the "sauce"? i've only had it once so far and it was very salty, but it could have been partly because the bread didn't provide any refuge since it was soaked in the juices. i poured the juices over their potato side... mmmm.

                  i also wouldn't be surprised if the saltiness was from a rub/cure and then piled on again in the seasoning for the actual cooking process or finish. people like to cure/rub pork!

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                    Went again today and the arista was nowhere as salty as before and totally perfect. The potatoes are indeed the bomb. It was fab.

                2. Anyone knnow if they'll let you go halves on a sandwich - say half Arista half Liveracce?


                  1. Had the Paesano sandwich today and while it was tasty, I think the Arista and Gustaio are definitely better. For a sandwich built around brisket, it did not have enough "beefy" flavor. Nothing like Nick's where you KNOW you are eating beef.

                    Something to be said for simplicity in this case.

                    1. I made my first visit to Paesano's today and had the Gustaio...it was amazing! Any yes I am still thinking about it! I didn't really know what I was ordering-it comes on a toasted pita and is filled with lamb sausgage and other deliciousness. Very messy but totally worth it! The people in there are superfriendly too!

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                        Arista is a style of roast Boneless Pork Loin mainly from Umbria/tuscany. The meat is slit lengthwise and filled with Garlic cloves, Rosemary, seasoned with ample salt and pepper, tied and roasted, a wood oven is the purists choice. It is very tasty and usually served for "Pranzo della Dominica"