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Aug 2, 2010 06:41 PM

Anyone know of a good peanut butter dip for carrots/celery?

I do enjoy peanut butter and love the old celery with peanut butter but I would love to do a dip for veggies. I've tried mixing peanut butter and cottage cheese and although I enjoy as a snack, the cottage cheese overpowers the peanut butter and I would love to do a mainly peanut butter dip. can't imagine sour cream would work or a yogurt, what else could I try?

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  1. This is a noodle salad recipe, but the peanut butter dressing makes a great dipping sauce.

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      cool, thanks, I've been wanting to make that too. I'm looking more for a thicker dip but I may play with those same ingredients to maybe get there with those flavors.

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        Maybe try adding the chicken broth/water a tablespoon at a time until you get the consistency you want?

      1. I love peanut sauce with celery and carrots (in salad). This is a good shortcut recipe.

        1. I was thinking that with all the fat that peanut butter would combine well with a hot spicy sauce so I went searching and found out that it is a major component to the Thai cuisine. I love little epiphanies, it's a shame the rest of the world already knew about it. I'm a little slow.

          Here are some links.

          Thai peanut sauce

          Bobby Flay’s Pork Satay (with peanut butter sauce)

          Spicy Cashew Dip

          Thai peanut sauce

          1. 3/4 peanut butter
            1/4 cream cheese
            Chipotle pepper powder to taste

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              ohhh, now I hadn't thought of cream cheese, love it - thank you. This is more like what i was looking for in a dip form