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Aug 2, 2010 06:08 PM

Where to buy canning supplies, preferably on North Shore

Thanks to an overabundance of produce from my CSA (Colby Farm in Newburyport), I am knee deeping in canning and pickling. Does anyone know of a good source that has a large selection of canning supplies on the North Shore? So far, I've been picking up a box of jars here and there. I'd love to find a place that really focuses on canning supplies, including pressure canners. I need a one-stop shopping place for jars, bands, lids, pectin, etc. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maybe not a pressure canner, but hardware stores and farm supplies carry the jars, lids and smaller tools. Supermarkets carry pectin and some have the jars too. You can get a pressure canner with free shipping via Amazon.

    1. Try the Essex County Coop on RT 1 (southbound) - Topsfield. They are in the Fair Grounds area. Call first but I am betting they have what you need.

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        Second the Essex County Coop. They have racks, tongs, funnels, and a great selection of jars.

      2. Essex County Coop in Topsfield has a good supply usually. Also, Dawson's Hardware Store in North Beverly. I would call both of them first. The Stop and Shop on Elliot St. Beverly has pectin - powdered and jell - both by Ball - and jars as of a week ago. Market Basket in Danvers sells pectin - Sure Jell brand - near the oils, but as far as I could tell, no jars. The Market Basket in Salem, however, usually has nothing in the way of canning supplies. For pressure canner type equipment, you might have to order via the web unless you go up north.

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          Thank you for all of the suggestions. I'll try Essex County Coop on my way home tomorrow evening and report back. I've been getting jars at Stop and Shop but find the selection limited at best. I need at least 100 more jars for the upcoming season, plus pectin, etc. I'm going to order a pressure canner tomorrow from amazon unless the coop has the size I'm interested in (All American - 10.5 quart). Cheers, LP

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            holy smokes - that a lot of jars! you also might want to check out craigslist as maybe people who used to can - are trying to get rid of their supplies. I've bought (and found via trash diving) perfectly good jars at yard sales.

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              Yep, a lot of jars -- my CSA is very productive this year!

              I tried Essex County Co-op tonight. I found two useful tools -- a metal wide mouth funnel (hate the plastic ones) and a jelly bag. The jar selection was a bit sparse today so, on a whim, I stopped at Wal-mart (:-() in Danvers and hit pay dirt -- good selection of Ball jars at good prices. Just no pickling salt . . . I just have this fantasy of a place with a wide assortment of jar styles and sizes, coupled with good quality tools. Will try both Dawson's hardware as well as a few other hardware stores this weekend. I'll report back of any good sources. Off now to buy a pressure canner on Amazon . . .

        2. I am in the exact same situation (Food Project farm share in Lynn). I decided to simply order from Amazon, they actually have a canning section :-) They also are promoting Amazon Prime this month, you get it for free and after a month you can cancel. Soooo I'm getting all my supplies with free shipping with two day delivery :-)