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Aug 2, 2010 05:50 PM

Melbourne neighbourhoods

I'll be spending a month in Melbourne and now I am looking for neighborhood places - small cafes and restaurants doing a few dishes well, comfortable places, where ideally you do not need reservations. I know I want to explore Fitzroy, but am also interested in Carleton, Collingwood, South Yarra. I hope to spend an afternoon in a place wandering around. Hoping for galleries, bookshops, bakeries, little grocery stores with something unusual, produce, maybe the best jam donuts? or best ice cream. Things that if you live there, you enjoy going to over and over. Best place to buy bread. The inside you live in Melbourne secrets. Maybe best fish and chips, best meat pie.

thank you chowhounders!

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  1. While I'm not really a Melbourne local; every time I'm there I can't leave without going to Gertrude Street Enoteca in Collingwood/Fitzroy. The wine list is fantastic and the cheese plate is excellent!

    1. Hi Debbieann,

      Be careful of Carlton. It is full of tourist trap places. Go to DOC for pizza, king and godfree for a good roll and a bottle or nine of wine and Carlton Espresso for a quick and simple pasta. Tre Bicchieri and La Luna on Rathdowne Street, in north carlton are worth the walk.

      You might like North Fitzroy. Dench and Loafer bakeries are worth sticking your nose into and North Island does some pretty good coffee. I think Dench has some of the best bread in Melbourne and the wine shop next door is pretty good too.

      Collingwood is right next door to Fitzroy. I'd go to Cibi: it's off the beaten track but has lovely Japanese homewares. Cavallero is a good cafe/bar/restaurant.

      Oh Fitzroy also has Books for Cooks which is about 3 doors down from Getrude Street Enoteca and the Bakery across the road does and excellent brownie. Can someone help me with the name?

      Hope that helps for a start.

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        thank you so much - that is perfect!

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          I could make a massive list but instead, I'm going to recommend a book - the Foodies Guide to Melbourne by Alan Campion

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          The bakery is called Fatto a Mano (made by hand). They do a mean pain au chocolat some days, also.

          If you're around Smith St, also drop into Rosamond Cafe. It's of a little side street, which runs off opposite the big pink video busters store, from memory.

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            Is Rosamond still doing the dessert thing at night??

            1. re: kersizm

              I believe so, but it's only on Tuesday nights.

        3. wow, life in Melbourne is very good. The Victoria Market is such a treasure, the cheese! the fresh butter! the boreks. and beer! so civilized. We tried two very nice hoppy CA style IPAs, Alpha Queen and another one from bierhausen. And theperson gave us other suggestions - so then we went and had a Matilda bay IPA at Beer Deluxe in federation sq and they told us to check out st Kilda Cellars, which turned out to be completely wrong, but they sent us on to the end of Acland St (where the 96 tram ends, ohmygod I love the trams) and there was a place with a HUGE selection of beer. granted $30 for a 6 pack of american Doghead IPA is spendy, but we had some stone IPA which I liked. We also tried Epic from NZ which I like, but now we want to try Max from NZ. My favorite beers in the US are Blue Heron and Racer 5.

          So already Melbourne has a better selection of beer available than Sydney, I feel. and the Victoria Mkt is great.Gertrude St Enoteca was delicious and an easy way to spend a bunch of $$, but so relaxing and cozy (it is cold outside).
          and DOC pizza -very enjoyable, although we slightly miss the woodfire burny bits on the crust, but the cheese, the san danielle all good, and nice wine too. And Brunetti pastry, man that place was packed at 11 pm at night. And now we are busy watching Underbelly and trying to recognize Melbourne locations.

          I finally tracked down a Foodie GT Melb, it is betw editions and a little hard to find. It is very helpful though. Will probably explore Albert Park next. Had some gelato at tutte bene that was tasty.

          oh and we are at brother baba budan every morning.

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            Glad you are having a good time in Melbourne debbieann. If you are checking out Albert Park (although I haven't been there for a couple of years) try Misuzu's for japanese.