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Aug 2, 2010 05:07 PM

Depoe Bay and area with Kids!!

Hi, my wife & I are staying for 10 nights in Depoe Bay in a weeks time - we are fully mobile with car so getting around is no problem, we are also fully equipped kitchen wise so cooking with local specialties is definitely on the cards.

We are passionate about our food, but have two small kids (3 & 6) who we wouldn't take into any restaurants where there presence would cause a disturbance.

So looking for good child friendly places/street food/markets or other food-centric experiences we should take the opportunity to enjoy - especially if the kids can learn from the experience too!.

Like all types of food, no dietary restrictions & also interested in anything uniquely Oregonian we can take back up to Canada to enjoy at a later date.

Many Thanks

Canmore, AB

* I posted a similar request on the Portland board as we are breaking up the trip with a few nights in that beautiful city

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  1. Too Late Now but go to Gracie's when you return.

    Gracie's Sea Hag Restaurant and Lounge @ U.S. 101, Depoe Bay, OR 541 - 765 - 2734.