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Aug 2, 2010 05:03 PM

Portland Eats with two small kids.....

Hi, my wife & I are passing through Portland next weekend & staying for 3 nights at the Inn @ Northrup.

We are passionate about our food, but have two small kids (3 & 6) who we wouldn't take into any restaurants where there presence would cause a disturbance.

So looking for good child friendly places/street food/markets or other food-centric experiences we should take the opportunity to enjoy - especially if the kids can learn from the experience too!.

Like all types of food, no dietary restrictions & also interested in anything uniquely Portland/Oregonian we can take back up to Canada to enjoy at a later date.

Many Thanks

Canmore, AB

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  1. This should be a useful thread.

    Berry season is just about over - but berry picking with the kids might be fun. Sauvie's Island is one place that has a UPICK situation.

    1. Sauvie Island is a great idea. Also Pause on Interstate is far from the cream of the crop food-wise but they are still great place to eat and take kids. They have a large grassy outdoor area that is jam packed with kids on the weekend.

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        thanks for the suggestions & links - will report back on our findings!